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Japanese Level Check Test (J-CAT)

“Japanese Level Check Test (J-CAT)” is a test to determine your Japanese proficiency level. Based on your score, you can check your Japanese Level (set by Waseda University). Moreover, the level is fixed to the Japanese Courses, so your level will be a criterion when you choose the course by the level.

Therefore, all the students (that includes advanced Japanese learners) who is going to take Japanese Courses are recommended to take the “Japanese Level Check Test (J-CAT)” in order to know your own Japanese Level. Please apply for the J-CAT ID and Password before registering Japanese Course.

However, those undergraduate students who have taken the Japanese Course at Waseda (or you know your Japanese Level) does not have to take the J-CAT again.

J-CAT and Japanese Level Policy at Waseda University

FAQabout Japanese Level Check Test

Please follow the procedure in Japanese Level Check Test (J-CAT) Guide and take the Japanese Level Check Test immediately. Student who need to take Japanese course must take Japanese Level Check Test for their first semester in Waseda.

If you mistake something on the Japanese Level Check Test application, your application will be rejected. Please read Japanese Level Check Test (J-CAT) Guide in details and register it again.

You can continue taking the test from the frozen page by using the same ID and Password.Please apply for new ID and Password and try again if it shows your ID and Password are invalid. In this case, please retake the test from the beginning.

There is a possibility that the J-CAT URL was incorrect.Please log in to the following URL.

Please find the latest version of Flash player by following the instruction on your screen.

If it still shows the same error regardless of updating Flash player, please change your browser.(

Some of the browser especially google chrome will automatic disable the adobe flash player. If it is the case, please turn on flash player at the website settings.

If you have tried as above but it still doesn’t work, please use another PC to take the test.

You can take J-CAT only once in a semester.

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