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Please watch the Academic Orientation video and read the Registration Guidebook. Also, check the course registration period, procedure and rules for taking courses.

Please make sure to check the information and notice regarding course registration before registration.

Regarding course registration using the web system, please login to “Grade & Course registration” instead of via MyWaseda.

As for the procedure, please refer to the “Procedure for Course Registration using the Web System.”(Refresh your browser window to avoid last time cache memory..)



Please refer to the Course List and Web Syllabus, and register for the courses you would like to take.

The courses are listed by the “Theme Course Category” which represents the characteristic of the course.Find the Theme course Category that you want to study or have an interest and search the course from the list.

This list is for “all the courses”  classified according to the level.Based on your Japanese level, choose the course that suits you.

Class room & Time table

【Classrooms of your registered Japanese Language courses】
Students can confirm classrooms of their registered courses in the registration result email that send by system.
Classrooms can also be checked through your registration web system site, when the registration result is announced.

【Classrooms of all Japanese Language courses】
From the day before of the term of classes,classrooms of all Japanese Languages courses can be checked in the following ways.
・The elevator hall on the 1st floor of bldg.22
・In front of CJL office on the 4th floor of bldg.22
“Classroom & Classes” page of CJL website
Web syllabus (Only Theme Courses’ classrooms are shown on web syllabus. )

Also,classroom list will be placed and distributed at the elevator hall on the 1st floor of bldg.22, CJL office on the 4th floor of bldg.22.

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