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Course Registration

Before enrolling in a course offered by the Global Education Center, please register via the MyWaseda during the registration period designated for your Undergraduate School.
Please note that a course cannot be dropped once your registration has been confirmed. Some courses require of Audit/Course Enrollment Fees, which must be paid by a stated deadline.

*Most of the courses offered by the Global Education Center are conducted in Japanese and N1 level of Japanese proficiency is required to take courses.Registration is not recommended if you cannot understand what the syllabus of each course says, as it will be difficult to keep up with the classes.

Available course list

Course Registration Instructions

1.Read your own school’s Course Registration Guide to familiarize yourself with your school’s registration schedule, registration procedures, rules and procedures for awarding course credit, and other matters pertaining to academic planning and course enrollment.

2.Read the Global Education Center (GEC) Course Registration Guide.

Course Registration Guide

3.Consult the Web Syllabus System, course lists, learning map, and other links below to choose your courses.

Course Lists

4.Register via the MyWaseda during the registration period designated for your undergraduate school. If you are registering by proxy, please complete the paperwork and procedures required by your undergraduate school.
* If the number of registrants for a course exceeds its capacity, students will be selected for enrollment by lottery or on the basis of their “reasons for enrolling in this course.” Be sure to fill in the “reasons for enrolling in this course” field, if necessary, when you register online. Applicants for a few courses may be screened by interview.

5.Check the results of your registration as soon as you receive your registration confirmation from your school.
* Courses for which you were not accepted for enrollment will be indicated with the notation “Not Accepted” (Sengai) on your registration confirmation.

6.Check the amount of Audit/Course Enrollment Fees for the enrolled courses and make payment by the designated deadline.

Payment of Audit/Course Enrollment Fees

When registering for a course that requires Audit/course enrollment fees, it is necessary to make a payment within the specified period.

Payments before or after the specified period and refunds will not be accepted under any circumstances. Non-payment will result in exclusion from the course and may lead to a drop in your priority ranking if selected for enrollment by lottery next time you register for courses.

Payment process flow

Payment process flow

Please refer to the following guide for how and when to pay.

Courses with Audit/Course Enrollment Fees

Please comfirm above Course Lists.

Please note: Enrollment in multiple courses with course enrollment fees can lead to additional costs in excess of 100,000 yen. Before you register, be sure that you are able to pay the required Audit/course enrollment fees by the stated deadline.

System for Students who Study Abroad

Intermission (Study Leave)

After you start your course, you may choose participation in a summer school or study abroad.  In order to defer your studies halfway through, you are required to apply for intermission during the allotted time period. After returning from study leave, you may take the course by applying for resumption during the allotted time period. This is applicable for semester and full-year courses.

Extra Course Registration for those returning from studying abroad

(“Extra Course Registration”)

“Extra Course Registration” refers to the system that enables students to newly take courses offered in the summer or the winter quarter or intensive courses during the spring or summer vacation, when they return to Japan from studying abroad.

Sports Camp Courses (Health and Physical Education)

Sports camp courses consist of a “basic training” session conducted during the regular school term and a “camp” (overnight or day camp) held during spring or summer vacation. Students must attend basic training to be eligible for participation in camp. Basic training consists of such activities as instruction in the fundamentals, camp information, fitness evaluation and monitoring, grouping of students, and question-and-answer sessions. Be sure to consult the list below to confirm both the basic training and camp schedule for the ‘sports camp courses’ in which you are interested. Please note also that students who fail to pay the camp participation fee by the stated deadline will not be permitted to participate in camp. Before registering for sports camp courses, please consider carefully whether you are prepared to make the necessary commitment, as your failure to attend all classes, including basic training and camp, can detract from other students’ experience. Enrolled students who fail to attend any class may be barred from enrolling in sports camp courses in the future.

Special fees are required for participation in sports camp courses (see below). Please check the fees for the course of your choice before registering. Detailed explanation of camp participation fees and other costs will be notified at each basic training.

When to Pay the fees and costs for the Sports Camp Courses

1.Audit/Course Enrollment Fees Please paying it during the time of registration period.
2.Camp Participation Fees Please pay it after basic training
3.Other costs Transportation expenses, ski and skating equipment rental, lift fees (Skiing), camping and hiking gear (Wandervogel), etc. Costs vary by course.
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