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Waseda University Alumni are called “Koyu”(校友). Waseda University Alumni are automatically registered as a regular member of Alumni Association, which is called “Koyu-kai”(校友会). About half a million of alumni are all over the world. Of course, you, SILS graduates are also the one of the members. The members of the Alumni Association are privileged to use the IT services called “Tomon Community” (稲門コミュニティ) on Waseda-net Portal. Also, those who pay the membership fee are able to receive communication magazine “Waseda Gakuho”(「早稲田学報」) 6 times a year. “Koyu-kai WELBOX”, the membership welfare system for alumni is also available. Moreover, Alumni members are able to support the scholarship program of the University by using “Waseda Card”. If you pay by Waseda Card, commissions are paid to the University, and they will be used for the scholarship fund for your juniors. The Association offers various events and services. Please visit the website of the Association.

Change in Personal Information after Graduation

When Waseda University Alumni changes their personal information, please notify Alumni Association of his/her updated information.

SILS Alumni Association

Officially recognized by the School of International Liberal Studies (SILS) and Waseda University Alumni Association (早稲田大学校友会), the Waseda University School of International Liberal Studies Alumni Association (早稲田大学国際教養学部稲門会) has been established with the voluntary participation of SILS graduates.

This association has been established with two purposes:

  1. To deepen the friendship between SILS faculty graduates (members) and current students
  2. To maintain and develop close relationships between the members and Waseda University and related parties.

To ensure that SILS graduates, no matter where they are, will continue to maintain good relations with Waseda University as well as the SILS faculty, we work in close cooperation with our alumni branches throughout Japan and in 50 other countries worldwide. We will organize annual meetings and various other events for SILS students even after graduation.

We sincerely await your application to join as a member.

Membership fee Free
How to Join Please send the following details to the Contact Email Address below. We will send a confirmation by email in the next two weeks after receiving your mail.

  • Student Identification Number
  • Name
  • Year and Month of Graduation
  • Waseda-net e-mail address (or frequently used personal e-mail address)
  • Current address
Contact [email protected]

* Treatment of personal information
We will use your personal information for the sole purpose of activities in line with the purposes of the School of International Liberal Studies Alumni Association.

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