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SILS Career Support

SILS students have access to a range of post-graduate career support (job hunting, graduate school guidance etc.) through the university’s Career Center.

SILS students spend their 4 years at Waseda not only improving their foreign language skills, but also honing their leadership skills, networking skills, negotiation skills, and survival skills, which are all highly valued in global businesses all over the world and can be used to open the doors of a truly global career. While some SILS graduates choose to delve into further research of topics of their interest in universities both inside and outside of Japan, others search for work in Japanese or foreign companies; many different gates open up at the end of their undergraduate years. The Waseda University Career Center and SILS Global Network Center offer each student full support throughout the four year curriculum, whether it’s a general career seminar or guidance, career lectures or internships, or in-depth individual counseling sessions.

Waseda University Career Center

The career support provided by Waseda University Career Center (3F, Student Union Building 30) is open to students from the whole university. Various events are held and career counseling is available.
The supportive activities include the guidance counseling with professional staffs, the company seminars which are participated by about 500 companies/organizations and other yearly events and seminars. Please make good use of these events.

Please refer to Waseda University Career Center Homepage for more information.

SILS Global Network Center (GNC)

SILS Global Network Center (GNC) provides the latest information for SILS student’s needs about faculty independent career support, employment in Japanese company for foreign students, employment in enterprise or international organization with global development and etc.
Moreover, GNC provides the SILS company guidance by companies or organizations which have recruited SILS graduates. These activities are only in SILS.

Please refer to GNC Homepage for more information.

Services by (GNC)

GNC offers those services below.

No Services Contents – Memo
1 Career Seminar and Lecture GNC offers various career events from your first days as a student at Waseda.
For details, please see the GNC website.
2 SILS Company Guidance GNC invites companies expanding business globally every year exclusively for SILS students. For details, please see the GNC website.
3 SILS Student Career Supporter 4th year SILS students who have completed their job hunting are available as advisors for current students. In addition to career advices, they can also give tips on study abroad and student life in general. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get information from your seniors!

For Employers

The School of International Studies was opened in April 2004 and is Waseda University’s 11th faculty. Since roughly 30% of SILS students are overseas students, and because classes and lectures are conducted in English, the faculty has a very international flair. Students who have Japanese as mother tongue are required to study abroad for a year.

Since the faculty is still new we offer interested companies as well as organizations to visit the faculty to get to know it better. Every year many companies come and hold information sessions for SILS students. We also develop internship programs with various companies exclusively for SILS students.

If you have any interest in the above activities, please contact us.([email protected])

Information for School Recommendation

Intramural Selection Recommendation System (for Graduate schools)

It is possible to enter Waseda University’s Graduate Schools through intramural selection recommendation.
Application period, number of successful applicants and application procedures depend on each department, so please prepare accordingly. Please refer to the International Admissions Office Website for details.

Job application through recommendation

There are generally two job hunting procedures: Either through regular entry or entry through school recommendation.
Regular entry, as the name indicates, is when students apply individually to each company and is the most common method for job application in Japan. On the other hand, job application through school recommendation is when a formal university recommendation letter with the dean’s seal accompanies the application. Until now, this recommendation system has mainly applied to Science and Technology students.

Job information

SILS Global Network Center offers a wide variety of career support programs and information especially tailored to the needs of SILS students. Whether you are a foreign student looking to find a job in Japan, or a regular student looking for a job at multinational companies and international institutions, the GNC might have something for you.
GNC holds information sessions with companies and organizations which SILS graduates have successfully entered.  For details, please see the GNC website.

Career after Graduation

Career after Graduation

Employment and education status of academic year 2020 graduates

For statistics of all schools, please refer to the Career Center HP

Employment Further studies/

Study Abroad

69.1% 9.1% 21.8%


Information Technology 18.7%
Manufacturing 17.3%
Commerce 15.6%
Professional Services 12.6%
Finance 9.8%
Mass Communication 8.1%
Real Estate & Construction 3.4%
Travel & Transportation 2.8%
Education 2.2%
Civil Servant 1.4%
Non-Profit Organization 1.1%
Energy 0.3%
Teacher 0.0%
Others 6.7%



Ranking Companies Number
1 Rakuten Group, Inc. 16
2 IBM Japan, Ltd. 7
3 Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. 4
3 MUFG Bank, Ltd. 4
3 Dentsu Digital Inc. 4
3 Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. 4


Major Companies and Organizations for New Graduates Obtaining Employment

Please refer to the Career Center Home page (Career Data) for Major Companies and Organizations for New Graduates.

Major Graduate Schools for Further Schooling(academic year 2020 SILS graduates)

(updated on 2021/06/11)


United States Columbia University
United States George Washington University
United States Northeastern University
United States Harvard University
United States University of Florida
United States University of Pennsylvania
United States Portland State University
United Kingdom University of Cambridge
United Kingdom University of Oxford
United Kingdom King’s College London
United Kingdom University of Sussex
United Kingdom University College London
Denmark Copenhagen Business School
Sweden Stockholm University
France Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris: Sciences Po
Germany University of Bayreuth
Hong Kong The University of Hong Kong
Republic of Korea Ewha Womans University
China Fudan University
China Peking University



Waseda University
University of Tokyo
Kyoto University
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies


What’s an Internship?

An internship is designed to help you plan your future career path by allowing you to experience a job and improve your knowledge of a particular field while you are still in school. A student may be given up to 4 elective credits for graduation by doing internships. Generally, internships are unpaid.
Presently, there are 2 types of internships available at Waseda University. Please select the one that is the most ideal for achieving your goals.

Two types of Internship

  1. Internships through the Waseda University Career Center
    The Internship Desk is located within the Waseda University Career Center and handles internship programs for the entire university.
    In addition, the Waseda University Career Center is in charge of credit accreditation for internships developed by students. When you develop the internship on your own, you might be able to earn credits through that internship. Please check the homepage of the Career Center for details.
  2. SILS Internship Program
    In the SILS Internship Program, the credits is awarded as elective course credits.  The number of credits is decided depending on the working hours. These credits will be listed on the academic transcript. Your grade is based on an overall evaluation of submitted materials and an evaluation done by the internship host organization. A maximum of 2 credits can be awarded for a single internship.

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