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General Questions about SILS

Full time degree seeking international students account for approximately 30%. Students come from over 50 different countries in Asia, Europe, the U.S. and Africa. In addition, SILS receives 200 of exchange students per year from prestigious partner universities represented by Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia and Peking University.

Yes. All new students will be asked to take a placement test that sorts them into different English classes before entering SILS. Students who have a score of TOEFL(iBT)79, TOEFL(PBT)550, TOEIC750 and IELTS6.5 will be exempted from some of the English lessons and required to replace the credits from these lessons with other subjects.

You may obtain the teaching license for English subjects in junior and senior high schools in Japan. Please refer to ‘Teacher’s License / Qualification’(Japanese page only)

Please note that the aforementioned condition may not be applicable for those who will enroll on or after April 2019 as we will need to go through the process of reapplying and  receiving accreditation for teaching license from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT).

After graduation, SILS students go on to jobs or post-graduate studies not only in Japan but also in many other countries. They have founded employment in a wide range of job positions in finance, manufacturer, mass communications, international organizations and public offices. For further information, please refer to ‘Post-Graduate (Job-Hunting)’ and ‘Post-Graduate (Graduate School)’

For the school fees information, please refer to ‘Tuitions’

Study Abroad

It is compulsory for students whose native language is Japanese (SP1) to study abroad for one year while the opportunity is equally available as an option for students whose native language is not Japanese (SP2). Alternatively, SP2 students may continue studying at Waseda University for the whole 4 years.

Waseda University has nearly 400 partner universities all over the world. The Study Abroad programs are divided into 4 categories – 1) Exchange Programs, 2) CS-R Programs, 3) CS-L Programs and 4) Double Degree Programs. For further information, please refer to the following sites;

Yes. In this case, however, it will be considered as privately financed studies abroad and the student will be required to handle all the necessary procedures by themselves. No support will be given by Waseda University. Also, in comparison to the Study Abroad Programs provided by Waseda University, there may be a large difference in school fees and the number of credits that will be counted for graduation.

Students will generally put up in the accommodation provided by the host university. Many universities have student dormitories within the campus that SILS students can enter. A part of host universities may also have home stay programs. Students may also rent apartments near the school.

Overseas universities begin their semester at different times, depending on the country. However, in most countries, the new term begins from the end of August to September. As such, most students leave for Study Abroad after completing their spring semester at SILS. However, there are also programs that begin in April, so it is possible to leave for Study Abroad in the spring semester.

Applicant Qualification

Returnees who have graduated from a Japanese high school can apply for AO April Entry (Domestic) or AO September Entry. However, those who have graduated from foreign high schools and are eligible to enter university in those countries may also apply for AO April Entry (Overseas).

No, individuals of all nationalities may apply.

SILS does not have any transfer admission system from other universities. However, SILS accept admission from other faculties of Waseda in the second year. Please refer to ‘Change of Affiliation Entry’

Application Document for AO April Entry (Overseas) and AO September Entry

No. Even if submitted, it will not be taken into consideration in the assessment.

Yes. Please ensure that the scores arrive before the application deadline. Scores which arrive after the deadline are considered invalid. The school codes for each test are as below;

  • TOEFL: 9342
  • SAT: 0837
  • ACT: 5473

No. Only scores obtained on the same testing date will be considered. If the applicant has scores from multiple testing dates, please fill in which total score is the highest.

Procedure differs in application period and country. For more details, refer to ‘AO: List of Application Documents by Education System’ For applicants whose countries are not listed in the Admissions Guide, please contact the SILS Admissions Office.

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