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Features and Curriculum

3 August, 2018 UPDATED

Features of the SILS One-Year Program

What is the One-Year Program at SILS?

SILS offers a One-Year Study Abroad Program to international students. In this program, the participants from around the world will take courses with regular (4 year) SILS students.

SILS offers courses on a wide range of topics including Asian culture, history, society, politics, economy, geography, arts, and literature.

Since the majority of the SILS courses are taught in English, our doors are open to those without advanced Japanese language training.

At the same time, One-Year Program students are required to take Japanese language courses, which will aid them in acquiring Japanese to make their experience in Japan more fulfilling.

One-Year Program students can also take “Other Foreign Language courses” offered by SILS and Open courses as an option in addition to the requirements.
For details, please refer to the below items.

Language of Instruction

  • Japanese language courses: Japanese.
  • SILS lecture courses: English.
  • Open courses offered by Open Education Center: Almost all of them are conducted in Japanese.
  • Open courses offered by other schools: Most of them are conducted in Japanese but some of them are in English.

Curriculum and requirements of the SILS One-Year Program

Students participating in the One-Year Study Abroad Program at SILS are required to take both Japanese Language Courses offered by the Center for Japanese Language and SILS Lecture Courses in each semester. All students should fulfill the requirements and follow the rules as follows:

(1) Length of study

  • Fall Semester (September to February)
  • Spring Semester (April to July)

*Note:Students are encouraged to apply for the full-year (Fall and Spring Semester) program.

(2) Requirements

Please refer to this website.

(3) SILS Lecture courses (Intermediate and Advanced ONLY)

SILS consists of seven clusters (groups of courses).

  1. Life, Environment, Matter and Information
  2. Philosophy, Religion and History
  3. Economy and Business
  4. Governance, Peace, Human Rights and International Relations
  5. Communication
  6. Expression
  7. Culture, Mind and Body, Community

Students are required to take at least 8 credits of SILS lecture courses respectively in each semester.
Please note that One-Year Program students can take only lecture courses at intermediate (300 level) and advanced (400 level) level.
Unless noted in the course description, all courses are conducted in English.

*Note: Seminars, Introductory courses (100-200 level) are NOT open to One-Year Program students. For available courses, please refer to the “Course Information”page.

(4) Japanese Language Courses

Before the semester starts, students who would like to take Japanese language courses at level 2 or above are required to take the Japanese Placement Test (J-CAT). Students can determine which level of courses to take based on the J-CAT level, ranging from beginning to advanced.

Please note that the level labels (1 to 8) used at the Center for Japanese Language may not correspond to those at your home institution. For example, level 3 at Waseda does not necessarily correspond to 3rd year or 3rd semester at your university.

Also successful applicants are expected to prepare for taking Japanese language courses to start Japanese language learning smoothly especially in the case they do not have prior Japanese learning experience .

SILS One-Year Program students are required to take at least 6 credits of Japanese language courses in each semester. The maximum number of Japanese language credits they can take per semester is 7.

(5) University-wide Open Courses (Option)

University-wide Open Courses are offered by various schools and institutions at Waseda and are open to all Waseda students. There are two categories of University-wide Open courses:

a) University-wide Open Courses offered by the Global Education Center
b) University-wide Open Courses offered by other faculties/schools.

*Summer courses, courses conducted abroad, and courses offered by other universities cannot be taken by One-Year students.

a) University-wide Open Courses offered by Global Education Center
Almost all of these courses are conducted in Japanese.
As these courses are designed for average Japanese college students, the same level of Japanese proficiency that they have is required to take these courses.
Taking these classes is a good way for advanced students to develop their Japanese ability even further.

b) University-wide Open Courses offered by other faculties/schools
Most of the courses in this category are conducted in Japanese, however, there are some courses conducted in English as well.

University-wide Open course credits are not included in the minimum required number of SILS lecture course credits but they are included in the maximum number of credits.

(6) Other Foreign Language Courses offered by SILS (Option)

One-Year program students are allowed to take “Other Foreign Language” courses offered by SILS if seats are available.
Since SILS regular students have priority taking Other Foreign Language courses in order to fulfill their graduation requirement, please note that One-Year Program students will not be able to register if all seats are occupied by regular students.

Please also note that many of the Other Foreign language courses are taught in Japanese; some are taught in English or with the direct method.

Other foreign language credits are not included in the minimum required number of SILS lecture course credits but they are included in the maximum registerable number of credits.

Formula to calculate the actual class time

(a) Japanese Language courses, Other Foreign Language courses by SILS, Foreign Language courses by Global Education Center, and Physical Education Courses by Global Education Center;
1 credit = 90 minutes (1 class) × 15 weeks (1 semester) = 1350 minutes (22.5 hours)

(b) SILS lecture courses and University-wide Open Courses (excluding Foreign Language and PE courses);
2 credits = 90 minutes (1 class) × 15 weeks (1 semester) = 1350 minutes (22.5 hours)

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