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Leave of Absence / Return to the School / Withdrawal / Re-admission

Leave of Absence

If you cannot attend classes, including tests, for a period of 2 months or longer due to illness or other good reasons, you may apply for a Leave of Absence.

Compulsory military service

Returning to the School

When you return to the SILS after a Leave of Absence, you need to take certain steps. Documents relating to returning to the school, including an “Application for Re-Registration”, will be sent together with the result notification of your Leave of Absence application.

* if you need a student VISA, you are required to send your VISA documents to the SILS office, together with  “Application for Re-Registration”.
VISA documents;

  1. Mailing Address (The procedure information is also available here.) 
  2. Application for” Certificate of Eligibility”
  3. Instructions and precautions for filling out the” COE.” 


If you want to withdraw from the School before graduation, you must submit “Request of Withdrawal” to the SILS and it must be approved by the SILS Faculty Committee.

Please note that in the following cases, a student is removed from the school register as either “Administrative withdrawal” or “Disciplinary withdrawal”;

  • The payment of school fees is not completed by the final deadline.
    For the detailed information on the school fees, please refer to here.
  • The student is engaged in conducting unworthy behaviors.
    (“Unworthy behaviors” includes cheating in exams, conducting against commonly accepted norms, and crimes.)
  • The student is on academic probation for poor academic performances for four consecutive semesters.


You may apply for readmission within 7 years after you withdraw from SILS.For detailed information about the possibility of readmission, the application procedures, courses you should take when you are admitted again, how to pay school fees, and etc., please contact the SILS office by using the designated inquiry form below to obtain “Application for readmission”, and submit it by the deadlines.
The application deadline:
Readmission in April:No later than December 15*
Readmission in September:No later than May 31*

*If the deadline is on Sunday or holiday, the deadline will be the last weekday before the deadline.

Web inquiry

Please send your inquiry to here

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