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Even after we open the campus gates, we hold firm to the determination not spread the new corona virus further and will gradually resume the functioning of the University while making sure the safety. So long as the infection may not spread again, the closure of Nishi-Waseda Campus will be gradually lifted up as follows:

 The main gate of Nishi-Waseda campus will be open from Monday, June 1. All students, faculty and staff members are required to present his/her own ID to enter the campus.

 Students may enter the campus between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. However, in principle, students’ entry is limited to the 1F, Building 63 to get the certificate from automatic certificate issuing machine (available between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.). Access to classrooms, student lounges, and administrative office is prohibited. When it comes to the research activities in laboratories, it will be informed in due course.

 It is under consideration to release these regulations gradually from mid-June.

★事務所窓口は開いておりませんので、個別の相談については 問い合わせフォームをご利用ください(お電話による対応はいたしかねます)。
 Administrative Office is still closed and hence please contact from inquiry form for individual consultation. (Consultation over the phone is not available.)

 As to further policy, please stay updated through the university notices.

 In case there is any update on above policy, it will be announced on the website of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

「早稲田大学における構内立ち入り禁止の段階的解除について/Opening Waseda University Campuses: Plans and Logic」

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