Network Use Guide

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Backbone Network

The Common Items

User ID and password
You need your user ID and password to use the network at Waseda University.

On-Campus Access

Wireless LAN Connections
How to setup and where you can access the Wireless LAN connectivity to the on-campus network.
How to setup and where you can access the eduroam.
Wired LAN (DHCP) Connections
How to setup and where you can access the on-campus network with your notebook computer.
How to Log In / Log Out, Troubleshooting [in Japanese]
Network configuration for fixed IP for Windows for Mac  
How to setup the network configuration of PC for fixed IP in each laboratory.

Off-Campus Access

Off-Campus Access Using VPN
How to setup and make a connection to the off-campus access using VPN.

Application for use the network

Application for use the network[in Japanese]
About application for use the network, Security Seminar. (for Laboratory/Office)


Proxy Service
Proxy Settings to access the on-campus network.
Waseda-net WWW Service[in Japanese]
About using Waseda-net WWW Service.
Using the General Purpose Proxy
How to connect from the on-campus network to the off-campus networks.
Webページ改ざん検査サービス[in Japanese]
  • * Wireless LAN (VPN) Connections was ended at 29th February, 2016.
  • * The dial-up services was ended at 31st March, 2011.