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General Information

Internship is vital to a well-rounded tertiary education. The career center aims to provide internship opportunities for our students to learn “on-the-job”, before they step foot into society. Through these hands-on and practical activities, the career center hopes that the students will be further motivated in their studies, become even more focused in their quest for knowledge and problem-solving, and to take this opportunity to plan for their future.

Internship at Waseda, we offer various internship programs for you. The internship programs are classified as follows:

  1. WIN internships
  2. Affiliated internships
  3. Internships for international students
  4. Overseas internships
  5. Internships on your own

Points to Note

  • Internships 1 and 2 require Japanese language proficiency.

Internships for International Students

Internships require only English language skills:

・ERIA-WASEDA Internship
・IDB-WASEDA Internship *Must hold a Japanese citizenship *There is no internship collaboration AY2020. Apply via IDB website. (Oct.15, 2020 updated)
・IDB Invest-WASEDA Internship *Must hold a Japanese citizenship
・OECD-WASEDA Internship *There is no internship collaboration AY2020. Apply via OECD website. (Sep.25, 2020 updated)
・UNESCO bangkok-WASEDA Internship


Internships for International students with at least JLPT N2 or relevant level of Japanese communication skill:

Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners

↓This internship has been cancelled for year 2020. (4/10/2020 updated)
Kanagawa-ken Employer’s Association


WIN Internships

Courses Business, Governance, International Relations, Mass Media
Eligibility Full-Time Undergraduates
*Japanese language is required.
Application Pre-entry at the Internship Office
Selection Process Document Screening and Interview
Classes & Lectures Saturdays, Period 4 and 5
Students must participate in all seminars and report meetings.
This is a six-month long project.
Application Forms Please refer to attached files.
Credits TWO (for the semester AFTER the completion of internship )
*Ten (10) Working Days

Affiliated Internships

Courses Various industrial sectors
e.g. manufacturing, financial, banking, services, education, tourism,
Eligibility Undergraduate and Graduate Students
*Proficiency in Japanese is required in most cases, excluding the OECD program.
Application Periods Vary.
Submission of application forms to the Internship Office before the designated deadlines
Selection Process Vary.
Document Screening and Interview at University and Hosting Organizations
Seminars Business Manner and Risk Management Seminars (Compulsory)
Follow-Up Seminar
Application Forms Please refer to attached files.
Final Report To be submitted within ONE week of completion of internship
Credits Vary. (for the semester AFTER the completion of internship )
*At least Fifteen (15) Working Days

Internships On Your Own

Internships at Japanese Corporations in Japan

Internships in Japan are for the most part, aimed at third-year undergraduates and are offered during the summer months. In recent years, internships which are offered in the spring to first and second-year students are also on the increase. There are also instances of internships that are offered throughout the year.

Application usually take place from April to June. Internship programs which take place in spring will start to accept applications in December. Interested students are encouraged to check the websites of organizations offering internships regularly.

Please refer to the Career Compass on MyWaseda for more information.
Please kindly note that information is currently available in Japanese only.
*Mainly domestic companies.

International students who are interested in internships with Japanese corporations are strongly encouraged to learn the Japanese language, and be able to communicate effectively in the workplace. Proficiency in Japanese is not only a must in order to communicate with your coworkers and fellow interns, but depending on your position and type of duties, is also a matter of ensuring occupational safety.

Overseas Internships

Here is the list of institutions that can connect you to internships. To learn more about overseas internship, please refer to their  websites.

Insurance Coverage

All students at Waseda University are bound by the regulations of the university, to be insured when they take part in internship programs recognized by the University and the Career Center.
Please do note that ALL students at Waseda University are covered under the Waseda University Student Insurance Scheme (with limits to liabilities) at the point of admissions (Gaku-Sho-Ho 学傷補). The premiums are borne by the University.

We also seek your active efforts in advising the interns to be insured (liability insurance – Son-Gai Hoken 損害保険) before the start of internship. Please do note that for internships not officially recognized by the university and the Career Center, the insurance premiums will be fully borne by the student-intern.

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