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Planning and preparation

In order to make your study abroad a successful one, it is important to have a well-planned schedule. The pages below will help you to confirm the necessary procedures.

2021-2022 STUDY ABROAD HANDBOOK (English Ver.)[2021/3/29 Updated]P.78

Flow Chart

Case of student A, who took a long-term program

Case of student B, who fully took advantage of a short-term program

Planning and Preparation

1. Choose a program that fits you!

CIE offers study abroad programs that fit various purposes. Choose the one from among many programs that is perfect for you.

What do you want? Program name
Want to take same courses as the host university students and gain expertise! CS-R/CS-R(1S) Program
Want to study abroad for one semester or one year and improve language ability! CS-L/CS-L(1S) Program
Want to join a program that cost is covered by the Waseda tuition! EX-R/EX-R(1S) Program
Want an exchange program with my low language level! EX-L Program
Targeting to take degrees from both Waseda and a university abroad! DD Program

2. Gather Information!

Talk with former study abroad students

We can introduce you a student from the ‘study abroad student advisers’, the group organized by volunteers who have experienced CIE’s study abroad programs, upon application through MyWaseda.

For more information, please visit ‘study abroad student advisers’ web page in CIE website.

Utilize SNS

CIE always posts various information such as program recruitement, study abroad experience notes, and scholarship information on website.

To get latest information, check CIE Twitter or CIE YouTube!

Visit information websites of your country of destination

You can visit websites for prospective international students prepared by the government or an organization in your country of destination.

Fulbright Japan (in Japanese)

Government of Canada

British Council

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)


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