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Course Registration

Course Registration*Questions and answers with ● mark are for only SP1 and SP2 students.

Please check MyWaseda page. Before logging in, see the “Grades & Course registeration” button on the bottom left of the screen. Login through this button. It will then show you your registered courses.

First of all, please consult with a coordinator of the language.

Most of Other Foreign Language courses are conducted in Japanese. (Refer to the syllabus Search: If you are unsure about your Japanese skill, it might be better to register for “Direct Method” courses, in which the class is conducted in the language of the course.

Yes, you can. Credits that exceed the required number for graduation will be calculated as Electives. However, the grades will not be shown under the Electives column on a grade report page on MyWaseda. You cannot exceed the number of credits required for graduation for seminar courses, so please be careful.

Yes. We recommend you to take them in your first semester. If you are not able to pass in the first semester, you can take them in the second semester along with IIA and IIB.

If you register more than the maximum number of credits allowed, excess credits will be cancelled automatically at random by the computer to keep the credit limit. For example, if you register for 23 credits even though the maximum number is 21 credits, the excess 2 credits or, even 4 credits will be automatically cancelled.

Although those courses are not required courses for students who entered after 2009, in order to change the curriculum you must go through the correct procedures at the SILS office.
If you entered before 2008, these courses are mandatory.

If you did not pass it, it is possible to take it again, but if you already have a passing grade, you cannot register for it again even if the class code is different. Be noted that English Ⅰ&Ⅱand Introduction to Cross Cultural International education cannot be taken again once you fail them.

Yes. Please make sure to register for courses from at least three different clusters.

It is possible. However, you may be rejected when you register the courses even after the second year, so please consider your study plan very carefully.

English Courses

You are required to take WeTEC before the first lesson to measure your English level beforehand as well as after the last lesson to measure your improvement. WeTEC is used for different purposes depending on when you take it. The result will be reflected on your grades and evaluation, so please take the test seriously.

You are not allowed to change the registered class.

It is in Building 29. Go out from west gate no. 3 and turn right onto Waseda-dori (towards Takadanobaba station). You will see the building on your right. The Waseda University Academic Solutions Corporation office for English II, General Tutorial English is Room 102 on the first floor of Building 29.


Please note that the contact information may vary depending on your inquiry as below.


  1. Course Registration and Grade


<Global Education Center>

Contact Form:


  1. Lessons, Evaluation of Lesson Review Task, Attendance, Question on How to Use the Tutorial Site and General Inquiries for Lessons


<Waseda University Academic Solutions Corporation>

Contact Form:

TEL: 03-5286-8030

Office Hours: Monday to Saturday, 9:00 to 17:30

*Excluding holidays and Saturdays out of the semester.

You have 3 methods for it;

Course [email protected] (see Course Lists), a notification shown on Mywaseda, and e-mail from Waseda University Academic Solutions Office.

*If the cancellation was made that day, a notice will be put in front of the classroom as well.

Please refer to the lesson calendar in “Guide to General Tutorial English α・β”.

You can download it here:

You can check it on the Tutorial Site, which is available from MyWaseda (the left menu).

Don’t worry. Please close the window.
You can start again from where you left off if you access the same website.

Inquiry: Waseda University Academic Solutions Office
TEL: 03-5286-8030
Business Hour: Monday through Satuaday 9:00~17:30

Japanese Courses

In principle, you have to complete all the required credits by graduation. SP3 students are required to earn 12 credits per year.

You have 3 methods for it;

  1. The bulletin information board in front of the Centre for Japanese Language at the 4th floor in building No. 22.
  2. MyWaseda (the left Menu “System and Service”)
  3. Announcement in front of the classroom.

*If the cancellation was made that day, a notice will be put in front of the classroom as well.

You can find it on the information bulletin board in front of the Centre for Japanese Language on the 4th floor in building 22.

It depends on the instruction from the teacher, but it’s usually in class or to the report box on the 3rd floor in building 22.

Open Courses*Questions and answers with "●" marks are for only SP1 and SP2 students.

It is available either at the SILS office or at the Portal Office(1st floor of Bldg.7). You can also use “Syllabus search” online.
Syllabus search:

You can check it through [email protected]
*If the cancellation was made that day, a notice will be put in front of the classroom as well.

You are not allowed to cancel registered Open courses for any reason.

You do not need to submit a medical certificate when registering for sports training programs. However, if you are going to take Swimming, Outdoor sports, or Hiking, you are required to have a regular health checkup and a cardiogram check of the current year. Please submit a copy of “kenkou kojin card” (Individual Health Card) , which includes the result of the cardiogram check, to the instructor of the class. In case you miss the checkup, you can do it on your own at a medical institution. Ask the doctor to fill in the prescribed form, and submit it to the instructor. The form is available at the Toyama branch of the Open Education Center (1st floor, building No. 35, Toyama Campus.)

*Cardiogram Check: this is scheduled separately from the regular checkup. Please call the Health Support Center (03-5286-9800).

Language courses NOT offered through SILS (ex. Ainu) are regarded as second foreign language courses. Language courses offered through SILS are regarded as Elective courses.

When you choose a language course on the course registration website, a “Category” column will appear on the right. Please choose “Other Foreign Languages”. The language will be regarded as “Other Foreign Languages” through SILS.

They are usually held in Japanese. Refer to the Syllabus or ask at the Portal office.

Syllabus search:

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