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School Fees

Spring semester: May 1 / July 1(those who are enrolled beyond 4 years) Fall semester: October 1 / December 1(those who are enrolled beyond 4 years) In case a payment day (automatic transfer) falls either on Saturday, Sunday, or National Holiday, the automatic transfer is made on the following business day.


Those students who are not Japanese national or permanent residents may register for scholarships through the Course [email protected] during the designated period (usually in April and in September) , and the other students (including Japanese students) may register for scholarships through the booklet “Challenge” (available at the SILS office). Other scholarship information is available on the bulletin board. There are no scholarships available for SP3 and SP4 students after their entry to Japan. However, the top 5 SP3 students (except scholarship recipient) in the Fall semester may receive about 100, 000 yen as a stipend in the Spring semester.

The applicants will usually find the results on the “Wasedanet-portal” or through e-mail. Please make sure that you have enough memory space in your inbox.
The date of payment will be reported to the succesful applicants only.
In principle, successful applicants receive the result as follows;
Spring semester: results announcement: ealy July, date of payment: late July
Fall semester: results announcement: early December, date of payment: late January
SP3 students can apply for JASSO only before coming to Japan, and the application result must reach them before the first orientation held in the first semester. The date of payment will be announced during the scholarship orientation.

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