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Shizhao CHEN
MSc in Finance Program

MSc in Finance Program


Name: CHEN Shizhao

Program: MSc in Finance Program

Enrollment: September 2016

1) Why did you choose to study in MSc in Finance Program, Waseda Business School?

I generated great interest in financial and economical field during my college period. The establishment of the English-taught Master in Science in Finance program at Waseda caught my eye which can provide me with a precious opportunity to learn finance theories systematically and nurture one’s practical skills. The two-year study in Waseda Business School is supposed to make myself adept at disposing a wide range of financial cases in order to respond to the rapidly changing needs of society.

2) What is your impression on studying at Waseda?

How much we could learn within two years is totally a decision by myself, since WBS provides me with so much resources. The arrangement of curriculums is rational. As far as I am concerned, the lessons like “US & European Financial system and institutions” and “Comparing financial systems” have make up for my shortage of viewing the financial world with a macroscopic perspective. On the other hand, “Microeconomics”, “Statistics” and “Econometrics” give me a quantitative sight into mechanism of economy.

3) What do you think about your future career after graduation?

Obtaining a financial-related job in Japan will be optimal for me. Being more and more familiar with the Japanese job market circumstance, I find a nearly native Japanese speaking is essential and a plus in the interview or job hunting as well as a variety of social experiences. And I’m now laying effort on those.

4) Message for future MSc in Finance Students

It is a good opportunity to learn finance knowledge from extraordinary professors and give your life some brand new experiences. Life and work in Tokyo is convenient and with adventures in my point of view. You can certainly dig your own favorite part out from the life in WBS and in Japan.

※This information is as of January 2017


MSc in Finance Program

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