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Waseda-Nanyang Double MBA Program
from USA

Waseda-Nanyang Double MBA Program

The real diversity, which is not only international students but also consists of various background.

I chose the Waseda-Nanyang DMBA because I wanted to leverage my language ability and experiences of having lived in Japan during my studies while broadening my knowledge of Asia and global business.
As I join trimester 3 on the Waseda track, I am really surprised at the true diversity which not only means international students but also students of various backgrounds. I regard Waseda as one of the few schools in Japan that exhibits a true commitment to internationalization. There are students from all over the world in my classes, and many are bi- or trilingual with a wide range of experiences.
Many Japanese firms are now looking outward for growth opportunities. My target in the future is to help them develop strategies for success.

※This information is as of June 2016

Waseda-Nanyang Double MBA Program

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