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International MBA Program
from Thailand

 International MBA Program

Learning the culture of Japanese, is one of the methods behind team building in Japanese society


Many people may wonder why I chose Japan as a place to study for an MBA and not somewhere else in Europe or America where the MBA program’s reputation is well known. As for the reason for enrolling at WBS, it was because Waseda is one of the most famous universities in Japan which provide an MBA program in English.
Studying at Waseda in the MBA program would provide the chance to meet people from various countries, get to know their cultures, and make friends with them. I think it was a good way to improve my ability for making a good connection with others. Moreover, apart from the superb academic background of professors, I got to learn the culture of the Japanese, such as “nomikai” which is one of the methods behind team building in Japanese society.
Both the social and technical knowledge I acquired from WBS will therefore be of great importance for my goals in the future.

※This information is as of June 2016

 International MBA Program

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