Waseda Business School
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Yiwen WANG
MSc in Finance Program
from China

MSc in Finance Program

Challenge Yourself and Everything is Possible

Waseda Business School (WBS) was a choice that I came across rather randomly, but now I feel quite fortunate about this decision I made one year ago. It was different from other finance programs in U.S. or UK, and it aroused my curiosity because it was so young and brand-new. It seemed unpredictable, like a high-risk but highreturn asset, because I knew little about Japan and could not speak any Japanese. How could I really learn and live in a country that I had never thought about before? The answer is challenge yourself, and everything is possible. The abundant resources at WBS and Waseda University, including the backgrounds of professors, the networking opportunities, and events that expose students to different cultures and perspectives, really changed me and my life plans in a positive way. The small-sized classes, which I recommend the most, provided me with lots of opportunities and the courage to talk with professors and to become close with my classmates during discussions. Another style of lecture, called a seminar course, with a small group of students, provided a more convenient approach for me to grasp financial contexts. The past year here was filled with plentiful and valuable memories, and that is much more than I expected.

※This information is as of May 2017


MSc in Finance Program

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