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SUZUKI Kazunori, Professor



Professor Suzuki graduated from the University of Tokyo and joined Fuji Bank (now Mizuho Bank). He received his MBA (with distinction) from INSEAD in France and Ph.D. in Finance from University of London (London Business School). At Fuji Bank, he worked in M&A division where he developed corporate valuation model as a chief analyst. He left Fuji Bank in 2001 to teach at Chuo University. In 2012, he joined Waseda University. Professor Suzuki also serves for the editorial committee of Security Analysts Journal and advises on valuation model at Corporate Advisory Division of Mizuho Bank.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. in Finance, University of London (London Business School)

MBA (with distinction), INSEAD in France

Bachelor in Laws (LLB), University of Tokyo

Selected Publications

<Journal Articles>

Timothy A. Kruse and Kazunori Suzuki, 2012, “Steel Partner’s activism efforts at United Industrial, Ronson, and BKF Capital – The good, the bad, and the ugly” Managerial Finance, Vol.38 No. 5/6.

Kazunori Suzuki, 2021, “An Anaysis of the Impact of METI’s New ‘Fair M&A Guidelines’ on Valuation Practices,” Securities Analysts Journal, June 2021 (in Japanese)


Valuation:A Primer, 2018 (in Japanese)

Valuation in Practice, 2004, Diamond Inc. (in Japanese)

MBA Game Theory, 1999, Diamond Inc. (in Japanese).

Courses in charge

Corporate Finance (MSc in Finance)

Seminar (MSc in Finance)

Finance (Evening MBA)

Theory of Corporate Finance and Valuation (Evening MBA)

Seminar (Evening MBA)


URL of Personal Home Page: http://www.icko.jp/


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