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CHEUNG Ming Yan William, Associate Professor



William Ming Yan Cheung joined WASEDA Business School in 2017. He received a Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Hong Kong. Before joining WBS, he has held academic appointments at University of Vienna and University of Macau. He has a B.Sc. and M.Phil. in Mathematics from the University of Hong Kong.

William’s research interests include market liquidity, real estate finance, corporate finance, and household finance. His work has appeared in leading international journals including Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Futures Markets, among others.

Selected Publications

【Journal Articles】

Cheung, W.M., Chung, R. and Fung, S., 2015. The effects of stock liquidity on firm value and corporate governance: Endogeneity and the REIT experiment. Journal of Corporate Finance35, pp.211-231.

Cheung, W.M., Chou, R.K. and Lei, A.C., 2015. Exchange‐Traded Barrier Option and VPIN: Evidence from Hong Kong. Journal of Futures Markets35(6), pp.561-581.

Courses in Charge

Risk Management

Derivatives, Exotic Options and Insurance

Seminar (MSc in Finance)

Seminar (IMBA)


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