※The campus closure period and remote work/research of faculty and staff have been reextended to May 31.


*English version follows Japanese

早稲田大学総長 田中愛治







在宅研究・在宅勤務・キャンパス立ち入り禁止期間 : 2020年4月8日(水)~5月6日(水)




3)オンライン授業のやり方については、本学のホームページからMyWasedaにログインして、「お知らせ」の中の「個人宛・所属事務所から・重要なお知らせ」の中のLearn Anywhereの箇所をご覧下さい。

Learn Anywhere へのアクセスにはIDとパスワードが必要です。IDとパスワードは、MyWasedaにログインし、「お知らせ」の中の「個人宛・所属事務所から・重要なお知らせ」の枠中の 4月11日0:00 掲載の「【重要】Learn Anywhereの参照について」をご覧ください。
※システム全般のお問い合わせはLearn Anywhere下に配置されておりますチャットボット(コンピュータが自動応答するシステム)をご利用ください。質問があれば、MyWasedaにログイン後にCTLT (Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology)のWebsiteからメールでお問い合わせください:



Extension of the Period of Closure of Waseda University

April 14, 2020
(Updated on April 15, 2020)

Dear Students of Waseda University,

On April 6, 2020, I announced that all of the campuses of Waseda University will be closed and asked all students, faculty members and staff to stay home between April 8 and April 21.  However, the new coronavirus has spread more rapidly than expected.  The Governor of Tokyo requested on April 10 that all universities in metropolitan Tokyo remain closed from April 11 until May 6, 2020.  Given the circumstances, we have decided to extend the period of closure of all Waseda University campuses and the period of working at home via internet.

As a result of our situation, I am asking all courses to move online from May 11 for the time being.  It is important that we consider those students who are outside Japan or outside our campus areas in Japan who may not be able to come to campus.  These students may have already decided to take courses online from home, and we are committed to “leave no one behind.”

Let me repeat Waseda University’s three important missions.  Firstly, we will protect the life and health of our students as well as those of our faculty members and staff to the extent possible.  Secondly, we are committed to providing students with an excellent education.  Thirdly, we will continue to conduct our research and scholarly work even under difficult conditions.  In order to fulfill these missions, we will refrain from commuting to our physical campuses.  Although some of you may have been expecting to access your campus from April 22 on, please understand that the current situation does not allow us to do so.  At the same time, we are preparing for online teaching and working from May 11 onwards.

Waseda University is willing to help any students who financially suffer from the coronavirus pandemic.  Please see note (4) at the end of this message.

Our fight against the coronavirus may last for quite a long time. Each of us must imagine circumstances in which we could inadvertently become infected and or be a spreader. Thank you for your willingness to work together in these challenging times.

Best regards,

Aiji Tanaka, President
Waseda University

New Announcement

The Period of Closure of Campuses and that of Working at Home:

From Wednesday, April 8, 2020 through Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Note (1):  Depending on the spread of COVID19, we may have to extend campus closure again. Please stay tuned.

Note (2):  Please pay frequent attention to news in “Important Notification from your department” within “Announcements,” that you can find after you log in to ‘MyWaseda’ from the main website of Waseda University.

Note (3):  In order to learn how to use online learning, please see the site called “Learn Anywhere” in “Important Notification from your department” within “Announcements”, that you can find after you log in to ‘MyWaseda’ from the main website of Waseda Universtiy.

* You will need your ID and password to access “Learn Anywhere.”  Log in to ‘My Waseda’ from the main website of Waseda University, and consult “[Important] Regarding Reference to Learn Anywhere” within ‘Important Notifications from Your Department’ of ‘Announcement.’

*You can use the chatbot, interactive software application with auto-response functions, located under “Learn Anywhere” for general system inquiries. ( APR. 15, 2020)  You can request help via the CTLT website (Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology) after you log in to “MyWaseda”:

Note (4):  If you need to apply for temporary tuition postponement (“Gakuhi Enno”) or for scholarship funds in the event that your household income has sharply decreased (“Kakei Kyuhen Shougakukin”), please contact the School or Graduate School to which you belong.

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