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Graduate School of Fundamental Science and Engineering Entrance documents

This web page is for the applicants who passed the admission of Graduate School of Fundamental / Creative / Advanced Science and Engineering.

You can refer to the common documents for the entrance on this web page. Other documents for individual applicants will be POST to you, please check it.

Please make sure that you complete all necessary entrance procedures by the prescribed deadline. No procedures can be done after the deadline under any circumstances.

List of the Documents for Freshman in September 2020 entrance


・Guide to Entrance Procedures
・Online Entrance Registration System User ID Information #To be sent by MAIL
・Notification for Delay of Admission Procedure Documents
・Prescribed Remittance Form # It will be sent by POSTMAIL to the applicants who resident IN Japan

# Those who wish to make the payment outside Japan, please check the Guide to entrance procedures.

・Oath of Academic Integrity #Only for Doctral Students
Information of WASEDA UNIVERSITY STUDENT DORMITORY # If you have questions, please contact the office through above website directly.
# Admission Office cannot answer the details of dormitory.
・Japanese Class Registration for International Students
・Academic Schedule #Adjusting
・Schedule for New Students #Adjusting
・Oriantation Scedule #Adjusting
・Health Checkup for Students #Adjusting



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