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Student Voice: PUTRA Vaya Candida

From Indonesia

  • Name
    PUTRA Vaya Candida
  • Country/ Region of Citizenship
    Republic of Indonesia
  • Graduated from
    Trisakti University
  • Department
    Department of Earth Sciences, Resources and Environmental Engineering (Doctoral)

Privately-financed Student nominated the Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students


How did you find out about Waseda University?

I got recommendation from my previous supervisor who was a Waseda alumnus, when I was a master student in Indonesia.


Why did you choose Waseda University?

Waseda University is one of the best universities in Japan especially in Geothermal Energy and has many collaboration.


How did you get information for our program?

I got information about Waseda from my previous supervisor and from the Waseda webpage.


Did you have any concerns before coming to Japan?

Japanese language was one of the most challenges before coming to Japan.


Have you had any difficulties when you started a new life here?

No.  Everything is very convenient for me, the Japanese government is very supportive to me.


How is your life in Japan and Waseda?

Wonderful!  Every day I am walking and using train to go to Waseda, I feel more healthy life in Japan.  My supervisor always supervises my research, makes sure that everything is on track and my friends in laboratory always helpful and cooperative, sometimes we have little party to welcome new members or farewell old members.  I am very happy and spend much comfortable life in Japan.


What do you do in your free time?

I go to sightseeing places that I have never visited and an Indonesian Shop to buy some Indonesian foods to recover homesick.


How are the relationships with your supervisor and lab members?

My supervisor is very helpful and cares about my research, also my lab members are very kind and friendly and they want to know about my culture.  I really appreciate it.


Outline of the research

My research is about Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS), make simulation code to obtain calculation for heat extraction and lifetime EGS well affected by geo-mechanics, spacing fracture, flow rates, pressure injection and design well (horizontal or vertical well).


What is your career goal after your degree completion?

After I finish my doctoral program, I will go back to my country or get experience of working in Japan for several years.


Short message to the prospective students

in English

Japan is very famous about education especially in research and collaboration with another country.  Waseda is a small world where we can find many international students from all over the world,  we can learn about many cultures and learn their languages at ICC (Intercultural Communication Center) which is one of the facilities provided by Waseda University.  Welcome to Waseda University.



in Bahasa Indonesia

Jepang sangat terkenal dalam pendidikan terutama penelitian dan kolaborasi dengan beberapa negara.  Waseda adalah dunia kecil, kita dapat menemukan pelajar asing dari beberapa negara, belajar beberapa budaya dan bahasa asing di ICC (Pusat Komunikasi Antarbudaya) salah satu fasilitas yang disediakan Universitas Waseda. Selamat datang di Universitas Waseda.


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