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Student Voice: NUGRAHA, Asep Sugih

From Republic of Indonesia

  • Name
    NUGRAHA, Asep Sugih
  • Country/ Region of Citizenship
    Republic of Indonesia
  • Graduated from
    University of Padjadjaran
  • Department
    Department of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering 

I’m from Indonesia, the tropical country with the largest population of Muslim in the world and also the highly diverse ethnic country with more than 300 local languages. It’s located between Asia and Australia. I completed my undergraduate program at Dept. Chemistry of Universitas Padjajdjaran (Indonesia).

Now, I’m studying the synthesis of nanoscale materials and their potential for the application in industrial use. Since long time ago, the driving force of the evolution in technology is the people’s curiosity over the properties of the naturally occurring materials found on earth and the ways of them to engineer something according to what they have been researched in.

In addition, the contributions of Nanoscience and Nano engineering field have been bringing the society to the next level through the way they understand the uniqueness of material in nanoscale level. Thanks to that, so much beneficial come up like we are now able to make some small and handy devices. That’s why I want to take a part in the stream of this evolution by studying some small materials with high impact for the society at Nanoscience and Nanoengineering department of Waseda Univ. I choose to study in Japan because I like the way of Japanese people maintaining their cultures and at the same time leading in science-technology too.

Waseda University is very supportive and could provide everything that the students need in their study. World class faculty members with good expertise in their field would make us encouraged to do our research and achieve our goal during the program. That is why I choose Waseda University.

Most of the things we need for our study are provided already by the University, so we are able to focus only on our study. The system in the University is also very supportive, hence helps us to deal with some administrative things which sometimes distracting us while we are doing some research. In addition, the office would always spread out the important information to the students such as scholarship, internship, grant and many others, makes us helped during the study.

Waseda University has collaborated program with World Premiere Institue, Material Nanoarchitectonict – National Institute of Material Science (WPI MANA-NIMS), such a famous research institute in Japan which can produce a lot of research results in material science. I considered that I’m lucky to have opportunity to join the program and feel the real atmosphere of conducting research in one of the best research institute for material science.

The best thing about life at Waseda University is that making friend with some outstanding students from many different countries brings the new perspective to me over many issues we faced nowadays. Also, sharing quality time with group members who are Japanese gives me more knowledge about Japanese culture. During study, the opportunity to operate by myself some state-of-the art instruments makes sharper my skill for conducting research; hopefully it could be good value for me in my future career.

In the future, I wish I would have opportunity to still stay in academia, developing what I’ve already understood in my field and provide benefits for the society through it.

If you have already decided to join Waseda University, I would say that it is a good choice of yours. You will not feel regretful about it. But if you have not, don’t hesitate, just join Waseda University and experience by yourself the every good aspect of this University for your study. Sometimes you may meet some difficulties during the program, but it is ok, the system in the University is very helpful and reliable, so just take the difficulty as a challenge which you need to overcome or as the exercise which you need for development of yourself.

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