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Student Voice: CHENG Zhengxue

From People’s Republic of China

  • Name
    CHENG Zhengxue
  • Country/ Region of Citizenship
    People’s Republic of China
  • Graduated from
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Department
    Department of Computer Science and Communications Engineering (Doctoral)

    Privately-financed Student (nominated the Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for     Privately Financed International Students)


How did you find out about Waseda University?

Waseda University is a very famous university in China and I heard about Waseda University when I was very young.  Besides, Shanghai Jiao Tong University also has a good relationship with Waseda University and provides some joint programs for students.


Why did you choose Waseda University?

Actually before the doctor program, I have joined the Waseda-Shanghai Jiao Tong University double master degree program and spent two years in Graduate School of Information, Production and System (IPS), Waseda University in Kitakyushu.  My two-year stay in IPS has confirmed my knowledge of the flexible academic environment and intellectual community at Waseda University, of which I hope to get into higher education and make more contributions.


How did you get information for our program?

My professor recommended me for doctor program.  I searched for the Waseda official website and found the Japanese program.  Since my Japanese is not good, I am curious about the Japanese language requirement for doctor student.  Then I sent an email to administration office. They recommended this program to me.


Did you have any concerns before coming to Japan?

My main concern is about Japanese.  But after arrival, I find Waseda University is an international university and offers great help for foreign students.  Besides I met many Japanese and talked with them to improve my Japanese level.


Have you had any difficulties when you started a new life here?

I think everyone needs some time to get used to the new environment.  Although I have spent two years in Kitakyushu, there is a big difference between Kitakyushu and Tokyo.  Taking the transportation as example, Tokyo has many subway lines, JR lines, Seibu lines, Keio lines and so on.  Kitakyushu only has the bus and JR lines.  When I just arrived in Tokyo, I found a little difficult to transfer from one line to another line and get out from the right exit.  I have got lost in Shinjuku Station twice because Shinjuku Station is too big.  Japanese is also a big problem for me.  But I think I can overcome these difficulties.


How is your life in Japan and Waseda?

Everything goes well.  Japan is very beautiful.  In April, I went to Meguro with friends to see “sakura” (cherry blossoms).  Besides, living in Tokyo is very convenient.


What do you do in your free time?

On weekend, I would like to cook by myself.  In the holiday, I would like to travel around Japan.  I like traveling around.


How are the relationships with your supervisor and lab members?

My supervisor is very nice professor.  He has been dedicated into the multimedia communication technologies and novel signal processing in video and audio for many years and has published about 30 journals and over 100 conference papers on these research topics.  He gives me flexibility and valuable guide for my research.  Lab members are also friendly.  In the first week, we had a welcome party and went to eat the pot (motsu-nabe).  Especially, our lab has another Chinese doctor student.  She is very nice and gives me many tips about living here.


Outline of the research

My research works focus on the video coding and video service quality.  In detail, it includes three aspects, as follows.

Firstly, High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is the latest video compression standard.  I investigate the inter prediction in HEVC and propose a low-complexity inter prediction mode decision method to reduce the encoding time more than 50%.

Secondly, video application has faced to a situation where the end-user expects high quality of experience (QoE) available.  I propose a QoE in wireless networks to measure the quality of video services and present a QoE-driven HEVC encoder adaptation scheme to improve the user’s satisfaction by around 30%.

Current my research plan is deep-learning based subjective video quality assessment and I am studying the algorithm of deep convolution neural network.


What is your career goal after your degree completion?

After the program, I would like to be a researcher in Japanese universities or in companies for a few years, since I am eager to make my contributions to the research works.  Besides, I like Japan very much, because the environment is clear and the life is convenient.  I will study Japanese hard and would like to make more Japanese friends in daily life.


Short message to the prospective students

in English

I think the most attractive thing is that Waseda University offers international and flexible academic environment to students.  Students can search for the solution freedomly, utilize the rich resources and ask others for help.

You will fall in love with Tokyo when you start living here.  Even though sometimes you might get caught in some difficulties, you will spend unforgettable time in Waseda University and grow up to be a more strong person.  A time will come to ride the wind and cleave the waves, you will set my cloudlike sail to cross the sea which raves.


in Chinese




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