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3 Schools of the Faculty of Science and Engineering will launch a new English-based program in 2018! April Admission to start with world-class curriculum!

The schools of Fundamental/Creative/Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University will launch a new English-based degree program to accelerate fostering Science and Engineering specialists who can contribute to the field of science on a global scale.

The 3 Schools of the Faculty of Science and Engineering started an English-based degree program in 2010 and established International programs in the 14 departments of the 3 schools. The fully-fledged English medium Science and Engineering courses offered have been highly valued inside and outside of Japan. Under the new English-based program, the 14 courses currently managed by each department will be reorganized into 7 “Majors”. The number of academic staff will be increased as well.
The world top-level curriculum will be offered to the students with enriched specialized courses. Students can acquire knowledge in the interdisciplinary field of Science and will have a broader range of career opportunities.

Our new English-based program recruits students through both the “April Admission” and the “September Admission”. April Admission targets those who graduate in the Japanese school system, and September Admission is exclusively available for international students and those who graduate from education systems outside of Japan. First-year students starting in April will take preparatory English courses for future specialized courses and project works. Japanese language and Japanese culture classes will be available for students starting in September. Our goal is to help develop international human resources with a global mindset in our English-based program.

Further information on the admission details and curriculum will be posted on the website of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (http://www.waseda.jp/fsci/en/)by December 2016.

Program features
The 14 courses currently managed by each department will be reorganized into 7 Majors.
International Fundamental Science course, International Creative Science course and International Advanced Science course will be established under the 3 schools and each course will offer these Majors below.

FSE:Mathematical Sciences, Computer Science and Communications Engineering
CSE:Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering
ASE:Physics, Chemistry, Bioscience


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