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Laboratory work education

Experimental learning which continues our tradition and fosters the power to explore

The School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, the School of Creative Science and Engineering, and the School of Advanced Science and Engineering regarded “experimental learning”, in which students work with actual materials and experience phenomena themselves, as an important starting point for education, developed and enhanced educational systems since its establishment.

Through experiential classes focused on experimentation and hands-on practice, students develop an understanding of the material covered in classroom lectures and become familiar with the technological foundations needed in the future. In addition, experiencing the “actual creating process” gives students the power to explore issues independently. This traditional feature of experimental education is passed to the 3 Schools of Science and Engineering.


Enhanced experimental/hands-on curriculum and educational environment

The 3 Schools of Science and Engineering provide unique specialized experimental subjects along with the educational process of each department including the fundamental experiments of science and engineering required for all the freshmen. The number of experimental subjects exceeds 100, and the individual subject is ingenious and unique.

These experimental and hands-on subjects are taught by a diverse body of staff, led by the supervising faculty, in collaboration with research associates, teaching assistants (graduate students), and professionals with specialized skills, to draw on the strengths of each instructor.

Also, in the large-scale laboratory for each specialized area, there is sufficient equipment enabling every student to conduct experiment by him/herself.

It is such enhanced experimental educational environment that nurtures a great number of human resources who have contributed to the development of science and technology.

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