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Integrated undergraduate- and graduate-level education to nurture advanced specialists

Educational philosophy

In every era, Waseda University has provided education and carried out research in science and engineering at the leading edge, producing large numbers of first-rate engineers and researchers. Through unique education and research programs fusing science (which seeks answers to fundamental questions in mathematics, physics,etc.) and engineering (which applies the answers to these questions to technologies that benefit society), we focus on nurturing specialists with advanced skills capable of tacking problems from broad perspectives.

Our integrated approach to undergraduate and graduate studies means some 60 percent of our undergraduates in science and engineering departments go on to our graduate schools. Under this system, undergraduates are also permitted to enroll in graduate school courses, enabling more rapid progress to graduate school. All three schools/graduate schools offer opportunities for advanced placement and accelerated promotion, making it possible to earn a doctorate in as few as six years from initial enrollment as an undergraduate.


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