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How the Classes will be conducted in Fall Semester 2020

To SILS students,

We would like to announce the fundamental principle on how the classes will be
conducted at the School of International Liberal Studies in Fall Semester 2020.

Classees will be in principle conducted online (Live Streaming, on-demand
recorded video contents streaming, Presentation of Lecture Materials and Assignments
on LMS)

Some Seminar Courses including First Year Seminar, Intermediate Seminar and
Advanced Seminar will have on-spot occasional face-to-face classes.
However, while conducting face-to-face classes in accordance with the University’s
standard and putting in place the 3 Cs, we are fully aware that there are students
who may face difficulty or feel uncomfortable travelling to the campus, and we can
assure that those students will not be unfairly penalized.

Details of EACH course will be posted in early September.

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