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Faculty Report – Associate. Rikimaru

Name RIKIMARU,Yuki A special field of study Statistics
Nationality Japan


Hello. I am Yuuki Rikimaru, a Research Associate in charge of Statistics. I support you in regards to “Introductory Statistics” which is a compulsory subject. You might see me at Tutoring Service if you take the class.

I study statistics (Although we always call it “data science”, I use “statistics” in this essay for you to easily understand.) What does “statistics” remind you of? We often hear “statistical survey” on TV, so many of you might associate statistics with a questionnaire survey. Technical words like “Big Data” or “Data mining” are also in vogue these days. Do you really know what statistics is?

The answer is in my teacher’s words, “Data is the light of phenomena”. I think that statistics is to elucidate phenomena behind the data by using the knowledge and the technique. If you have the knowledge of statistics, you can model each other’s causal relationship of temperature of the universe. When you combine with astrophysics, you can know about the growth of the universe or the existence of dark matter by estimating the distribution of the temperature of the universe. As long as you have correct knowledge of statistics, data gives you a lot. Conversely, if you use data with wrong knowledge, you’ll get wrong or fragmentary information. To avoid that, we need to securely study statistics including to look at data. (You don’t need difficult math technique!) When you see data on TV or at work, you should try not to be deceived by wrong information. I hope that you carefully look at the data and try to understand what the data tells you. I want to tell you one more thing. I have some experiences of predestined encounters. Each encounter proved to be a turning point in my life and they changed me. Have you had such encounters so far? I think that college days can give you the most encounters in your life. Especially, you have a special chance such as studying abroad, where you can get special encounters. I have never studied abroad and hardly ever travel abroad either, so I envy you a little. I hope that you experience a lot of nice encounters, so that you will grow and spend a fruitful time. Good luck!

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