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Morikawa seminar focuses on Japanese Governance and politics. Students are free to choose their research topic of interest with focus on Japanese and international politics, international organizations, international economics and governance related topics. Debates and presentations are held regularly and encouraged in his class. Dr. Morikawa’s seminar is held in Japanese and English and it is expected from his students that they are bilingual since the graduation thesis is written in English. Dr. Morikawa is a political scientist, but he deals with issues of declining birth rate, he studies and teaches the scientific study of love. “Lecture on love” will be given during the spring semester that provides opportunities for students to plan their future love affairs such as marriage.

An atmosphere


Seminar camp

Dr. Morikawa may be strict, but he wants to allow students to develop and become the people we are intended to be. Students study in a classroom where we encourage each other to stay competitive but work together to achieve our goals. Outside of the classroom, we have weekly informal gatherings to strengthen relationships between the professor and the students. This lecture has an open atmosphere with active interaction between the professor and the students.

About job hunting

A year end gathering with OBs and OGs

A year end gathering with OBs and OGs

One of the largest advantages of Morikawa Seminar is the mentor system. Seniors are in charge of juniors through offering support and guidance throughout the job-hunting process. Specifically, proof reading Entry Sheets and holding mock interviews. Seniors also prepare PPT presentations for each industry to give a better understanding of each field and profession. Graduates of Morikawa seminar have acquired jobs at top tier companies so that students from his seminar have the opportunity to meet and talk directly with OBs and OGs about their career choices.

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