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GNC introduction

The Global Network Center (GNC) is an office open to SILS students in need of help about studying abroad, job hunting, internships, and graduate school. The GNC also offers tutoring service on Introductory Statistics and English Study Advising. We will support your experience in SILS. Please come freely!



Basic Information

Place: Building 11, 4F (11-405) (Behind the escalators)


Office Hours: 10:00 ~ 17:00

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
× ×

*subject to change


Telephone: 03-5286-8590

E-Mail: [email protected]

GNC Service

  • SILS Advising
  • Tutoring Service for Introductory Statistics
  • Career Support (Career Seminar, Company Information Session, etc.)
  • SILS Internship Program
  • Books, Data, Information on Language Study, Study Abroad, and Careers
  • Copy Service (10 yen / copy)

SILS Advising

IF you have any questions or doubts about Study Abroad and/ or issues/ difficulties with your language abilities, please do not hesitate to visit us. We can help you!

<Opening Hours> (As of April 1, 2019)

Monday to Friday, 11am to 1pm (in accordance to Waseda University academic calendar)
1. 11:00~11:20
2. 11:20~11:40
3. 11:40~12:00
4. 12:00~12:20
5. 12:20~12:40
6. 12:40~13:00

Consultation Day Advisors Languages
Monday Ms. LOPEZ BRAVO, Marcela English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Tuesday Ms. TRAN THI NGOC, Phuong English, Vietnamese
Wednesday Ms. DAWOOD SOLIMAN, Rosemary English, Japanese, Arabic
Thursday Ms. AZEGAMI, Erika English, Japanese
Friday Mr. YAZAWA, Kakeru English, Japanese

<Schedule An Appointment>

  • To schedule an appointment in advance:
    Please visit the GNC and sign up for an appointment, selecting one of the available spots in the sign-up sheets. The GNC is open from Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm.
    Appointments can be made up to one month in advance.
  • Walk-ins are welcome if the advisors are available.

Tutoring Service for Introductory Statistics

Tutoring service for Introductory Statistics is available at Building 11, Global Network Center, from 24 April 2019 to 22 July 2019, for those who are having difficulty with the course.

  • Place: Global Network Center, 405, 4th floor in Bldg 11
  • Language: English & Japanese
  • Reservation: No prior reservation required
  • Schedule: Please refer to this link.

SILS Internship Program

The SILS Internship Program is run by the SILS/GNC in cooperation with companies and organization, and was originally developed by SILS to fulfill the needs and potentials of the SILS students. After completing the internships, university credits may be awarded.

Internship Program List  (Summer Vacation 2019/Fall Semester 2019) 
Updated on May 27, 2019 (Deadline extended)

Internship Application Form (revised in Spring 2018)

  • You can apply for up to two internship programs. Please prepare two sets of application materials.
  • Please submit all application documents in paper to the GNC office.
  • Please contact the number or email address below for inquiries.
    TEL(GNC): 03-5286-8590
    Email: [email protected]

<Grade and Credits>
In the School of International Liberal Studies (SILS) Internship Program, the following number of credits is awarded as credits for an elective course depending on work hours. These credits will be listed on the academic transcript. (Up to two credits will be accredited per internship.) Grade is an overall evaluation of submitted materials and the evaluation by the internship host organization.  Two credits is the maximum for credits awarded for a single internship. However, since a student may hold another internship at a different organization, the total maximum number of credits awarded from internships is four.

Number of Credits Approved

Working Hours Number of Credits
60 hours or more 1 credit
120 hours or more 2 credits

Credit Approval Period

Internship Training Period Credit Approval Period
Fall Semester (Oct-Jan) or Spring Vacation(Feb-Mar) Approved as spring semester credits
Spring Semester (Apr-Jul) or Summer Vacation (Aug-Sep) Approved as fall semester credits

The number of credits approved will be included in the maximum number of registered credits for each corresponding semester.

<Processes for Internship Application / Internship Credit Approval Application>
(Some programs may differ from the schedule below. Check the appropriate application guidelines for each program.)

Spring Vacation
Spring Semester
Summer Vacation
Fall Semester
Early November Early May Check the application guidelines of the SILS Internship Program in the Website of SILS Global Network Center.
November May Submit application materials to the Global Network Center by the designated deadline.
Internship Application Form
②Statement of Purpose (Refer to the each application guidelines)
③Copy of MyWaseda Grade Report (Copy of MyWaseda Course Registration is also accepted in the case you are in the first semester.)
Early – Middle of December Middle – late June First / Second interview.
Late December Early July Notification of Results
Middle of January Middle of July 1.Attend Internship orientation
2.Submit written oath (to SILS and to Organization).
3.Take the manner seminar and risk management seminar on [email protected] and submit “Manner Seminar Report” and “Risk Management Seminar Report“to the Global Network Center.
4.Submit 「海外実習確認書」and「海外実習承諾書」to the Global Network Center in the case of overseas internship .
February – March April – July August – September October – January Carry out internship training. (Record details in the 「Daily Memo」during internship training period.)
Beginning of April Late August Beginning of October Late February Submit 「Daily Memo」・「Final Report」to Global Network Center by the specified deadline.
Middle of May Middle of November Middle of November Middle of May Make presentation at the internship debriefing session
September March March September Check the grade in the My Waseda on the grade announcement day.


All successful applicants must participate the orientation and do the Internship responsibly. If you make trouble (Divulging of information, Damage to property) in the company, you have to accept the responsibility for the trouble. Therefore, please make sure to have a responsibility for your behavior during the Internship program.

Career Seminar (Academic Year 2019)

We, Global Network Center, hold various career events especially for SILS/GSICCS students throughout the year. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn the various information.
(Events information will be updated regularly.)
We look forward to seeing you at the events!

Event Date & Time Room Info. Target Language Registration
Internship information session “Koito Manufacturing Co. Lt.d” June/14/2019
11-508 info.  SILS/
Students graduating in September 2020 or March 2021
Japanese No registration required
Summer Workshop information session “J.P.Morgan” June/25/2019
11-506 info. SILS/
Students graduating before March 2021
(QA:both Japanese & English available)
No prior registration required
“Foreign Bank” Meet Your Sempais from UBS! <Internship Opportunity> July/31/2019
11-507 info. SILS/
Students graduating in September 2020 or March 2021
(QA:both Japanese & English available)
No prior registration required


Company Guidance

Companies expanding business globally will have company information sessions for SILS and GSICCS students. Please do not miss the precious chance to get the company information for job hunting in Japan.

SILS/GSICCS Company Guidance 2019 (updated on Feb/22/2019)

Note: Information will be frequently updated.

Prior reservation required.  Please refer to the link above for details.

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