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Weifeng ZHU


Name: ZHU, Weifeng

Program: MSc in Finance Program

Enrollment: September 2016

1) Why did you choose to study in MSc in Finance Program, Waseda Business School?

I have long dreamed of living in Japan, and picking a Japanese business school was an important step toward it. Meanwhile, I am also a Finance guy who loves yield curves and spreadsheet modeling. At first, I was somewhat disappointed because there didn’t seem to be a program that matched my profile perfectly. I wanted to be a “Tatsujin” of finance but there were no real finance programs. On a gloomy night, however, I saw this wholly new English-based MSc program introduced by WBS, probably the first in Japanese history. I was thrilled. This program exactly matches my needs: Japan and Finance.

2) What is your impression on studying at Waseda?

I had the impression that studying in Japan might be hideous: tough professors and not much communication. But that is not the case with Waseda. Professors here are fun and the learning atmosphere is much like what I have experienced in the U.S. There are dynamic discussions and amusing jokes. There are abundant networking events, organized either by students or by WBS. I get to know cool new people through these events. Last but not least, I always enjoy having some happy hours with friends after school.

3) What do you think about your future career after graduation?

I probably will start as a Tokyo-based securities analyst in the asset management or the investment banking industry. Analyzing financial statements and trying to see the true value of different securities have become my personal interest. After experiencing both U.S. and Chinese job market, I would say that opportunities in Japan are astonishingly abundant. Do your research and prepare well, obtaining offers is much easier than in many other countries.

4) Message for future MSc in Finance Students

The MSc in Finance Program at Waseda is a great platform to gain technical acumen and lifelong friendship. The training you receive here will prepare you well for the job market. In addition, the Waseda brand is well recognized. However, here is what I and many of my fellow classmates think is the most involving part: as the first candidates in this country working towards a MSc Finance degree, you have a real chance to create history.

※This information is as of December 2016

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