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Tan Kay Jiunn
Waseda-Nanyang Double MBA Program
from Malaysia

WASEDA-Nanyang Double MBA Program


1                Name

Tan Kay Jiunn

2                Nationality


3                Age


4                Name of zemi

Ohtaki Zemi

5                Why choose Nanyang-Waseda?

Nanyang Technological University and Waseda University are the two leading universities in their respective countries. Joining the Nanyang-Waseda Double MBA program allows me to learn from the best and acquire management skillsets and knowledge critical for my future career. Through interacting with such a diverse group of professors and students from Singapore and Japan, this program also allows me to broaden my perspective, gain important cultural insights and prepare myself to be a successful leader.

6                What is your impression study in Waseda?

Waseda Univeristy has a very diverse group of faculty members and international students and such high level of diversity allows students to gain exposure to different culture and perspectives. This allows students to develop critical leadership skills and be well prepared when they step into the business world.

7                Your target to the future

Upon graduation, I plan to be a business development manager. Such a role not only allows me to formulate and implement strategies for my clients, but also allows me to build long term relationship and broaden my career network.

8                Interesting experience in Waseda or in Japan

The Waseda Keio rivalry is one of the most interesting thing I’ve exprienced in Japan. Its similar to the rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge and its interesting to see how passionate and loyal the students from each school are. Besides the constant supply of entertainment from all the sports events such as the annual baseball match, more importantly, I believe this kind of healthy competition motivates the students to strive for excellence and Universities in Singapore can learn from this interesting culture.

※This information is as of April 2015.

Waseda-Nanyang Double MBA Program

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