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Jinjutha GONGSAB
International MBA Program
from Thailand

International MBA Program


1      Profile

Name                  Jinjutha GONGSAB [Thumb]

Nationality         Thai

Age                     24

Zemi                    Hiro Zemi (Higashide Sensei)

 2      Why choose Waseda University?

Ever since I was in high school, “Waseda University” has long been recommended to me as one of the best universities in Japan. While studying my undergraduate degree at Chulalongkorn Universities, I had met several visiting students from Waseda University, and was impressed by their outstanding features, both academically and personally. In my opinion, Waseda University provides a very rich culture. The university has prosperously combined the charming aspects of Japan with international diversity, which undoubtedly makes it a truly global university.

 3      What is your impression of studying at Waseda?

There are so many things that impressed me ever since I arrived at Waseda. But if I had to describe my feelings in one word, it would definitely be “Eye-opening”. Studying at WBS has amazingly opened my mind as well as broaden my perspectives. Aside from strong academic opportunities and knowledge, WBS professors have taught me many valuable professional insights from several industries and countries, which will surely be practical in real business world. Not only that I get to deepen my understanding in Asian businesses, also, it’s very interesting and unique to learn about worldwide businesses through Asian perspectives. WBS does open my eyes to the best of both world.

4      Your target in the future

Before coming to WBS, my background to date has always been centered on working in the marketing and brand management field. With past experiences in advertising industry, I had worked with several global brands in developing their impressions in South East Asia. That’s why I decided to come to WBS because I’m really passionate to expand my expertise in Asian markets. I want to continue working in brand management as an expert in Asia. And there is undeniable that Japan is a powerful leader in the region.

5      Interesting experience in Japan

Japan itself is a very interesting country. Not only that it’s a nice place with beautiful cultures, the country is full of creativity and innovation. Just by travelling around, I can learn lots of things while having loads of fun. For example, I simply went to have a dinner with friends in Roppongi and ended up being inspired by the venues of designs. I travelled around a train station in Osaka and got fascinated by the unique instant ramen museum, for free of charge. I went to buy a hard drive at Akihabara, and was greeted by a robot. There are so many things to learn beyond the classroom just by living here. I could say that I got inspired by new ideas every day.

※This information is as of April 2015.

 International MBA Program

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