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Max-Christian Mull
International MBA Program
from Germany

International MBA Program


1)      What is your name and nationality?

My Name is Max-Christian Mull and I am German.

2)      What is your age?

I am 28 years old.

3)      What is the name of your seminar?

The name of my seminar is “Financial Strategies and Capital Markets”. The instructor is Professor Nobuhiko Hibara.

4)      Why did you choose to study at Waseda Business School?

My past career mostly happened in or was related to the financial sector in Germany. As an undergraduate student I studied Japanese and researched on the Japanese economy. I looked for a way to combine my past career with my study interest and looked for MBA programs in Japan. Waseda University has a good reputation and offers a broad curriculum of courses in English and Japanese, from which students can freely choose according to their interests. Waseda is the best fit for what I want to do.

5)      What is your impression on studying at Waseda?

It is a very lively and busy environment with lots of great people to meet. You will never be bored. If you are a foreign MBA student, you will want to acquire the skills necessary to become a competent manager. At the same time you will want to start or brush up your Japanese. You will naturally build a network of friends and professionals. And then there is also a huge amount of social events you might not want to miss, such as the baseball match vs. Keio University. As a result, sleep is limited.

6)      What is your target in the future?

There are many targets for the future, but my professional midterm target is to get work in equity research in Japan.

7)      Describe an interesting experience at Waseda or in Japan.

During the nine months since I joined Waseda Business School I was able to meet the head of McKinsey Japan and many other top level executives, have visited at least 10 companies and talked to their management and went to Thailand and Myanmar on study tours with my seminar’s professor. I planted, harvested and ate rice with my seminar at our rice farm in Yamanashi-ken. Every day is an interesting experience.

※This information is as of April 2015.

 International MBA Program

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