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  • 原則、オンライン形式での実施を強く推奨する。
  • 新型コロナウイルス対策本部会議にて個別に認められたイベントを除き、本学箇所または本学教職員主催の学内向けイベントの対面による実施は禁止とする。
  • オンライン形式での開催が適当でない本学を会場とする本学以外の団体等が主催する屋内イベントについて、実施会場の収容定員に対し2分の1以下とし、かつ食事を伴わない場合のみ、開催を認める。
  • 上記制限は、本学の授業や研究活動の継続を最優先に考え、当面の間の適用とするが、感染状況が顕著に改善された場合は適宜制限を緩和する。

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Restrictions for on-Campus Events After April 26, 2021

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Given that the state of emergency is set to be declared in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo, Waseda University has decided to make further changes to its on-campus event restrictions. Effective April 26, 2021, stronger restrictions for events held on-campus will be as listed below.

All students, faculty and staff are expected to strictly adhere to the following regulations, and these regulations will be in effect on all Waseda campuses, including campuses outside Tokyo.

Updated rules for holding on-campus events:

  • Above all else, it is strongly recommended that all events be held online.
  • Except events that have been pre-approved by the Novel Coronavirus Response Headquarters, all face-to-face on-campus events organized by either the University or faculty/staff for internal purposes will not be permitted.
  • Indoor, on-campus events organized by external parties must not have participants exceeding half the maximum venue capacity if the event is not suitable to an online format. Eating during the event will not be permitted.
  • The above regulations are laid out to prioritize the continuation of on-campus classes and research activities. They may be eased in the future when the coronavirus situation beings to improve.
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