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Welcome to Faculty of Science and Engineering(FSE) ! – Guidance for New students entering in September, 2020.

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20/7/1 Site Opened.

Please let us extend a warm welcome to all of you!

Information for new students is to be updated on this website. As new students are required to follow the instruction and procedures prior to the beginning of Fall Semester, please visit this website and keep yourself updated.


Obtain your WasedaID (activated from September 1)

To secure the close contact from the university, you have to obtain Waseda ID and register your e-mail address. It is strongly recommended to be updated the information through the registered e-mail address on daily basis.

(1) access to “MyWaseda Login Page” (https://my.waseda.jp)

(2) log in with your “initial Waseda ID” and “initial password”

(3) create your new e-mail address

(4) change the initial password to the new one

(5) obtain Waseda ID

Ref: http://www.waseda.jp/navi/e/mywaseda/entrance.html

*Note: For those who are currently enrolled in Waseda University and continue studying at Waseda University (i.e. BA students go on to MA program & MA students to doctoral program), please kindly be aware that your status will be updated to the new program after you obtain your Waseda ID. Consequently, your current ID will be no longer valid. Thus, in case you need your certificate for your current program, please make sure to obtain it before you get new Waseda ID.

Notice about Waseda email

Waseda Mail (Gmail) is not available in certain countries or regions where access to Google services is restricted. If this is the case in your country and you have no access to Gmail, please follow this link or scan below QR code and set up to forward your emails to office 365.

Orientation information for ”Science and Engineering Laboratory”

The orientation information for ”Science and Engineering Laboratory” will be uploaded on Waseda Moodle. Please login and check the information before 23rd September.


When sending emails for inquiries, please present your name and “Examinee’s number” or “Student ID number (after you obtained)”. Besides, please make sure to use Waseda email once you get it in September.

<Class/Tuition/Certificate/Student Life>

[email protected]


Undergraduate Schools: [email protected]

Graduate Schools: [email protected]

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