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【Current Students】Important Notice for Spring Semester, AY2020 (Updated on May 1)

1. Course registration for spring semester, AY2020

Course registration for spring semester, AY2020, is on schedule.
If there are any changes, we inform on this web site.
Please check here for details.

2. Postponement of Health Check-up 2020

The health check-up for students in 2020 has been postponed.
Please check here for details.

3. For Students Studying Abroad

In light of the world-wide spread of COVID 19, SPSE set a guideline for students studying abroad.
Please refer to the guideline below very carefully.

1. Re-enrollment
Students who has decided to cancel their study abroad program because of the spread of coronavirus will be allowed to return to Waseda University from the Spring semester.
There are several deadlines for filing a re-enrolment according to the course registration period.
Please check each deadline as follows.

Re-enrolment Deadlines:

①March 25, 2020, 17:00 (Japan Time)
Re-enrolling students can join the first Course Registration for new students.
*This will be an exceptional course registration opportunity. Please note that only courses offered by SPSE are available. We will provide instructions for how to register courses.

②April 1, 2020, 17:00 (Japan Time)
Re-enrolling students can join the second Course Registration.

③April 7, 2020, 17:00 (Japan Time)
Re-enrolling students can join the third Course Registration.

Please check “◇Course Registration” for further details.
You need to let us ([email protected]) and CIE([email protected]) know by email immediately if you decided to return to Waseda University.
You can submit necessary documents for Re-enrollment to SPSE office after you returned to Japan.
You can also submit the documents by mail.
Please check the detailed procedures for Re-enrollment on our website. (Click “Re-enrollment”)

Please note that you cannot apply for re-enrolment if you would like to continue your study abroad program through online classes.
In this case, you should take advantage of “2. Extra Course Registration for students returning from studying abroad.”

2. Extra Course Registration for students returning from studying abroad “Extra Course Registration” refers to the system that enables students to newly take intensive courses during the spring or summer vacation or courses offered in the summer or the winter quarter, when they return to Japan from studying abroad.
You can check the guideline of 2019 for your reference.

3. Course Registration
Please check the schedule of Course Registration on our website.
Please note that the later you apply for Re-enrollment, the less you may choose desired courses.

4. Credit Transfer
Your credits which fulfill the requirements are eligible for Credit Transfer.
You can check the requirements for Credit Transfer on our website.

Course Registration

Even if all classes are provided through online classes, obtained credits will be transferred as long as they fulfill the requirements above.
The procedures for Credit Transfer will be completed only after you would submit all necessary documents.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact as follows.

Questions regarding Academic Affairs (Re-enrollment, Course Registration, Credit Transfer, etc.) [email protected] (SPSE Administrative Office)

Questions regarding Your Study Abroad Program (cancellation of program, program fees, etc.) [email protected]

Questions regarding your VISA
[email protected]

Please keep you updated regarding our responses to the COVID-19 through our website and MyWaseda.

Thank you very much for your attention.

4. Change in Opening Hours of the FPSE Administrative Office and PC Rooms
due to Coronavirus Outbreak

FPSE Administrative Office: Please check here for details.
PC Rooms: Please check here for details.

5. [Important] Internet Access Policy 2020 from EDP Director (Published on May 1)

Please check here for details.

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