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  • Enrolled in 2017
  • Graduate of Hakuyo Senior High School (Japan)


While learning specialized knowledge, it is possible to acquire practical language skills.

From the time I entered university, I continued to take Spanish language classes. As I wanted to improve my language skills while studying economics, a subject that I was interested in, I chose to study abroad at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

After returning to Japan, to maintain my language ability and to further enhance my understanding of economics, I started to take the APM courses. As the class size was small, we learned through lectures and discussions, focusing on the economy and politics of Latin America and Spain. As there were many opportunities to share my opinions and thoughts in the classes, there was an increased awareness “to participate actively ” in the lesson. I believe that I was able to reenact the learning environment, close to what I had gone through in the classrooms at the study abroad destination. On top of that, there were students who had experienced studying abroad in various regions and students who were about to leave for study abroad in the class. It was the most ideal environment to exchange information. I did not allow my study abroad experience, one of SILS ’ most attractive factors, go to waste. As I was able to further strengthen my practical language ability, I had found the APM course to be exceptionally beneficial.



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