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LARSSON, Joakim Erik Gunnar

  • photo_LARSSONClass of 2018
  • Works at Bandai Co., Ltd.


Spend four years unique to yourself and realize your own future path.

I had a desire to work in Japan right from when I ­first entered Waseda, and held onto it all the way through to graduation. After thinking carefully about the sort of job I wanted to do, I decided to select companies based on three points: their being involved in a wide range of businesses and products, being active globally, and being progressive in regard to work-life balance. Based on these points, I applied to thirty companies, and proceeded through the same selection process as Japanese students. One of the companies hired me, and I started working there immediately after graduation.

Bandai was that company, a manufacturer involved with toys and daily commodities. I work in a department in charge of global strategies, engaged in building sales routes overseas. Bandai has an attitude of encouraging employees to take challenges without any fear of failure. I ­find each day more exciting and inspiring than I ever thought could be possible. People who want to work in Japan should use their time at university to really polish their Japanese skills. Doing so will expand the range of potential companies you can work for, and raise your chance of ­finding the job that best suits you. In my case, I joined a variety of clubs at Waseda, enabling me to use Japanese on a daily basis, and that really helped me improve. As you study at SILS, you’ll surely receive a great deal of support, including the SILS Sempai Project. But at the same time, it’s up to you to shape the four years you will spend here. My advice is to spend them in a way unique to yourself, and through that realize your own future path.

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