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【SILS 2020 AO September Entry】 To the Applicants from Countries/Regions Affected by the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

To the SILS 2020 AO September Entry Applicants from Countries/Regions Affected by the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in China and other countries/regions, the SILS Admissions Office has decided to extend the deadline for submission of original documents for 2020 AO September Entry for those who cannot submit the required documents during the Regular Admission Period. Please carefully read the following instructions and submit application materials by the designated deadlines.


1.Complete the Online Application and the payment of screening fee during the Regular Admission Period as directed in the Application Guidelines. Please note that these deadlines will NOT be extended.

【Deadline for Online Application】 12:00 PM (JST) February 28, 2020
【Deadline for Screening Fee payment】 February 28, 2020*

*See p.7 of the Application Guidelines for more details


2. If you are unable to send the original application documents as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak*, please submit digital copies as PDF files by the following deadline.

【Deadline for Submission of Digital Copies】 23:59 PM (JST) March 16, 2020

To submit the PDF files, please access the following URL and upload the data;

*Reasons may include high school being closed, curfews and/or border controls, delay in/cancellation of shipment etc. Be sure to state the reason why you are unable to submit the documents in the provided online form above.


3. Send the original documents via courier service once you obtain them.

【Deadline for Submission of the Original Documents】 12:00 PM (JST) April 13, 2020*

*Documents must reach the SILS office by this date.


Please kindly note that the measures mentioned above are in effect as of February 12, 2020. The SILS Admissions Office may take additional measures should the virus infection continue to spread and the social infrastructures remain unstable.


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