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For Successful Applicants

For newly incoming students in April 2020

Important information for enrollment in April 2020

Congratulations on your success in admission to GSAPS, Waseda University.
Please check the following information necessary and important for enrollment in April, by clicking each link below.
If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us ([email protected]).


  • Event & Orientation Schedule in April 2020 *Orientation for Privately Funded International Students, which is scheduled to be held on March 23rd, has been cancelled.
    Slides of all the scheduled presentation will be uploaded on CIE website.
    Documents which were to be distributed at the orientation are scheduled to be distributed at CIE or GSAPS office later.
  • GSAPS Academic Calendar Academic Calendar → AY2020 Academic Calendar GSAPS

Course Registration

Orientation for International Students


For International Students who newly enter Japan

Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

For those who asked GSAPS to apply for COE as their proxy,
GSAPS Admissions Office will dispatch the COE together with Certificate of Admission(COA), as soon as we receive COE from the Immigration Bureau.  Therefore, please wait for a while until then.  COE is expected to be issued late February to early March considering the past experiences.  However, please understand that COE may be issued later than the above-mentioned expected timing because the timing of COE issue totally depends on the Immigration Bureau. Please click here for how/what to do after receiving COE.
When you submit a photocopy of “Residence Card” to GSAPS office, please paste it on the Status of Residence Notification Form.

Part-time work permit

For International students who already reside in Japan

Extension of period of stay/Change of status of residence

If you need to extend the period of stay or change the status of residence, please visit the Center for International Education (CIE) with “Certificate of Admission” sent between middle and late February and “Letter of Admission” issued as evidence of passing the final screening, and complete the necessary procedures.  You can apply from 3 months prior to the expiration date on your residence card. For the necessary documents and detailed procedure, please click below and check the webpages of CIE.

Other useful information for new students

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