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Waseda University was founded in 1882 by Marquis Shigenobu Okuma who advocated the “harmony of western and eastern civilization”. The Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies (WIAPS) was established in July 1997 in order to contribute to the mutual benefits and development of the Asia-Pacific region. Today, a century after its foundation, Waseda University is promoting university reform under the three concepts of “Asia-Pacific”, “media network” and “institutionalization of lifelong learning”.

The Institute was a merger of the Institute of Social Sciences and the Institute of System Sciences. The Institute of Social Sciences had long pursued research in the field of social science concerning modern Japan, while the Institute of System Sciences had been involved in collaborative research commissioned by industries and the government, and conducting business education targeting business employees. The Institute was formerly composed of two clusters: international relations (including area and policy studies) and international business. However, in 2008, the business cluster was separated from the Institute. The Institute today is largely composed of full-time faculty members of the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, and is run according to the rules of the Waseda University Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies. Exchange researchers from outside the university, visiting scholars and visiting researchers are also part of the Institute community.

The Institute focuses on the rapidly changing and developing Asia-Pacific region, aiming to construct a research and education network as well as becoming the source of abundant research results and information in diverse fields. In particular, it is dedicated to pursuing world-class research.
Today’s major research activities of the Institute are: 1) WIAPS Research Groups Activities by researchers in and outside the Institute; 2) Research sponsored by JSPS Grants – in –Aid for Scientific Research ; 3) Research sponsored by the Waseda University Grants for Special Research Projects. Research outcomes are published in the Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies, Research Paper Series and Research Material Series. The Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies was first published in 2000, the latest being Vol. 41, which was published in March 2021 (For the full table of contents, please refer to the publishing section on our website). The Research Paper Series and the Research Material Series began their publications in 2010 and 7 Research Paper Series and 8 Research Material Series have been published as of March 2020. Furthermore, the “Journal of the Graduate School of Asia -Pacific Studies”, a collection of articles by graduate students in the doctoral program, is also among the Institute’s publications. As of March 2021, 41 volumes have been published.

In addition to research and publishing activities, the Institute also provides special seminars and public lectures for the dissemination of its results.

Throughout these activities, the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies aims to further improve the quantity and quality of its studies. We look forward to your continued guidance and support.

Research Activities

WIAPS Research Groups are cross-sectional research activities that engage researchers in similar fields beyond WIAPS/GSAPS, including other institutions inside and outside of Waseda University.
For details of the WIAPS Research Groups, please click here.

The following research projects by WIAPS/GSAPS faculty and research associates are funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (JSPS KAKENHI).

Lead Researcher Research Grant Type Research Project Name Research Period
AOYAMA, Rumi Scientific Research C 中国対外政策決定の構造的特徴-「回転ドア」を手掛かりに 2017-2021
AOYAMA, Rumi Scientific Research C 中国の「パートナーシップ・ネットワーク」戦略 2021-2023
ASHIDA, Akemi Early Career Scientists 初等・中等教育修了に向けた修学実態の変容の解明―修学パターンの国内間及び年代比較 2019-2022
Farrer, Glacia Scientific Research B Determinants of International Students’ Educational Mobility: a Comparative Study of Japan and Germany 2021-2024
KATO, Atsushi Scientific Research B 経済発展政策の政治経済学的分析:理論モデル分析とインドにおける実証研究 2018-2021
KATO, Jotaro Early Career Scientists COVID19は移民と出身国にいかなる影響を与えたか―持続可能な国際移動に向けて 2021-2023
KIM, Ilju Early Career Scientists Claims from the Bottom: Dual Citizenship Claims of Marriage Immigrants in South Korea 2020-2021
KURODA, Kazuo Scientific Research B SDGs第4目標達成に貢献する教育のグローバルガバナンスの理論化と実証 2018-2022
LEE, Jong Won Scientific Research C 日米韓の安全保障関係の形成と展開に関する歴史的および政策的研究 2018-2021
LEE, Jong Won Scientific Research C 中国の東アジア地域外交と朝鮮半島--中韓の「地域主義外交」の相互関係を中心に 2021-2023
LEHENY, David Scientific Research C The 150th Anniversary of the Meiji Restoration in Contemporary Japanese Politics 2018-2021
MATSUOKA, Shunji Scientific Research B 可逆性アプローチによる高レベル放射性廃棄物(HLW)管理政策と世代間公平性 2019-2021
MIICHI, Ken Scientific Research C インドネシアにおけるフェミニズム運動とイスラーム 2020-2023
MURASHIMA, Eiji Scientific Research C 在タイ日本人の個人文書を初めて本格利用した近代国家移行期タイの社会構造の実態解明 2019-2021
NABESHIMA, Kaoru Scientific Research C NTMs が国際貿易に与える影響に対する実証分析 2018-2021
NAKAJIMA, Seio Scientific Research C 現代中国インディペンデント映画:生産・流通・消費を通じた批判的公共言説の生成 2020-2022
ONUKI, Mayuko Early Career Scientists 開発途上国における拡張接触と障害者差別と偏見 2021-2024
ROBERTS, Glenda S Scientific Research C Social inclusion and integration of diversity: Employers, newcomer migrant workers, and community response in Japan 2019-2021
SAKAUE, Katsuki Research Activity Start-up 途上国の公教育を通じた難民・受入地域への教育支援効果の検証―ウガンダ北部の事例― 2020-2021
SAKAUE, Katsuki Early Career Scientists アフリカの移民・難民を包摂する教育実践の効果検証ーウガンダ西ナイル地方の事例― 2021-2024
SHINOHARA, Hatsue Scientific Research C 国際連盟理事会の検討ー規範と集団的正当性の視点から 2021-2023
UEKI, Chikako Scientific Research C 経済的相互依存と脅威認識 2019-2022

The following research projects by WIAPS/GSAPS faculty and research associates are funded by the Waseda University Grants for Special Research Projects (“Tokutei Kadai”) in the Academic Year of 2021.

Lead Researcher Research Grant Type Research Project Name
AWCIONE, Benjamin James Research Base Creation How domestic politics affects Japanese foreign and security policy
ASHIDA, Akemi Research Base Creation COVID-19がもたらした開発途上国における個々の子どもたちの修学実態の変容
FARRER, Gracia Research Base Creation Determinants of recent international student mobilities: a study of inbound students in Japan
HAYASE, Shinzo Research Base Creation アジア・太平洋における「戦争の記憶」の追跡調査・補足調査
KATSUMA, Yasushi Research Base Creation COVID-19影響下におけるグローバル・ヘルスの外交とガバナンス
KIKUCHI, Tomoo Research Base Creation Does foreign debt contribute to economic growth?
KIM, Ilju Research Base Creation Dependent immigrant women’s new career paths in Japan
KURODA, Kazuo Research Base Creation ベトナムにおける海外留学の外交・開発へのインパクト
LEE, Jong Won Research Base Creation 中国主導のアジア地域安全保障協力枠組みと韓国の地域主義外交
MATSUOKA, Shunji Research Base Creation 縮小社会における創造的復興のあり方と地域再生モデルに関する研究
MIICHI, Ken Research Base Creation 現代インドネシアにおける社会運動
MURASHIMA, Eiji Research Base Creation 在タイ日本人の個人文書を初めて本格利用した近代国家移行期タイの社会構造の実態解明
NAKAJIMA, Seio Research Base Creation A Strategic Action Fields Approach to U.S.-China Relations: An Illustration with the Next Generation Automobile Industry
ROBERTS, Glenda S. Research Base Creation Life as a Project: Japan’s Urban Salarywomen, their Lives and Careers under Covid 19
SAKAUE, Katsuki Research Base Creation アフリカの移民・難民を包摂する教育実践の効果検証―ウガンダ西ナイル地方の事例―
SAKAUE, Katsuki Early Career Researchers アフリカの移民・難民を包摂する教育実践の効果検証―ウガンダ西ナイル地方の事例―
SHINOHARA, Hatsue Research Base Creation 国際連盟理事会の再検討、規範および集団的正当性の視点から
UEKI, Chikako Research Base Creation 脅威認識の形成と経済相互依存:経済的強制事例から

Exchange Researchers/Visiting Scholars/Visiting Researchers/Visiting Fellows hosted at WIAPS 2020/4/1.2020

Aside from research reports, Exchange Researchers/Visiting Scholars/Visiting Researchers are also given opportunities to present on their research activities at the WIAPS Seminar. For information on past WIAPS Seminars, please click here.

WIAPS Assistant Professors/Jokyos are introduced as below.

The Faculty



Publishing Activities

As one of way of giving back to society, WIAPS publishes journals and research report series on the findings and results of daily research and educational activities.


  • 「Journal of the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies」
  • 「Journal of the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies」
  • 「The Research Paper Series」
  • 「The Research Material Series」

For details of these publications, please click here.

Public Lectures/Seminars

WIAPS/GSAPS hosts public lectures/seminars as well as symposiums through the year for the dissemination of academic research outcomes. WIAPS/GSAPS invites various lecturers/ speakers from Waseda University including WIAPS/GSAPS faculty members as well as leading scholars and experts from the public and private sectors and from other educational institutions all over the world. These events offer an international forum for fostering intellectual exchange and discussion on diverse topics and issues.
For more information on public lectures/seminars, please click here.

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