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Screening Results



Successful Applicants

Congratulations on your success in admission.
“Letter of Admission” will be dispatched by postal mail on the prescribed day for admission decision announcement.
For the detail of the entrance procedures, please refer to this page and complete all the necessary procedures by the designated day indicated in “Guide to Entrance Procedures”.

Return of the Documents

For the applicants with the final admission decision, as written in “Notes” of “Application Documents” in Application Guide, only original documents which are not re-issuable and requested in “Request Form for Return of Submitted Materials” at the time of application will be dispatched/returned after the prescribed day for admission decision announcement.

Regarding the Screening Result

With regard to the screening results and/or details of the screening, the GSAPS Admissions Office will not answer any inquiries over telephone, via e-mail, or by any other means.

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