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If applicants would like to apply for our program, please read the “GSAPS Application Guide for Admissions”.

General Questions for Admission

You can download the digital brochure from our website.
Also we will send the paper-based brochure to those who live in Japan upon request through our site below.

  • MA : GSAPS Admissions Office comprehensively evaluates applications, taking all the information provided into consideration, i.e. academic and career backgrounds, language proficiency, reference(s), and essays.
  • PhD: GSAPS Admissions Office comprehensively evaluates applications, taking all the information provided into consideration,i.e. academic and career backgrounds, language proficiency, references, Research Plan, Master’s thesis, Publication and the result of the 2nd screening.

You can still apply for our programs with a degree from a different field. GSAPS widely accepts competent applicants from Japan and abroad.

You don’t have to. However, if you wish to contact our faculty, please write your message and send it by e-mail to GSAPS Office:[email protected] We will forward it for you. Please note that contact during application periods is NOT allowed.

GSAPS conducts the scholarship admission scheme. Applicants are able to apply for admission and a scholarship at the same time and also to know the result of scholarship nomination before matriculation. Some scholarships offered through this scheme are full scholarships which cover tuition fees and offer the monthly stipend. Application conditions depend on each scholarship. Please refer to the scholarship information from the following webpage.

Language Proficiency

International applicants who wish to take courses in Japanese must submit it.

Non-English native, international applicants who wish to take courses in English and Japanese applicants must submit a proof of English Proficiency.

No, there is no specific term of validity for language proof.

Application Documents

Please send in your expected certificate of graduation along with your official transcript at the time of application. The submission of the final transcript and diploma will be requested upon admission.

If you don’t have anyone who is (was) your professor/academic advisor or superior at work, please find someone equivalent who can evaluate you properly based on the designated evaluation form.


No. We do not accept the application for “Non-degree student”, which takes only certain courses now.

GSAPS annually organizes an event called “Open School” in July. In addition, there will be a GSAPS booth at an event called the “Information Sessions for Graduate School Programs” organized by Waseda University (annually held in June), and GSAPS might be represented at other recruitment events. For details, please visit the GSAPS website.

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