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Certificates/Leave of absence

The original text of these regulations is in the Japanese language.
In the event of any discrepancies between the English translation and the Japanese original, the Japanese original shall prevail.

Leave of Absence from the School

If you cannot attend classes, including tests for a period of two months or longer due to the following reasons, you may apply for leave of absence by obtaining the approval of the Dean, according to the procedure of application.

  1. Injuries/ Illnesses
  2. Financial/ Economic Hardships
  3. Other Reasons

* Students will be granted a leave of absence as long as the reasons are valid


Please submit the required document. Applications cannot be accepted after the deadline.

  1. You have to submit the application for leave of absence which must contain the signature and personal seal of guarantor to the GSAPS Office. Only upon receiving approval at the GSAPS Steering Committee would your application be considered to be valid.
  2. You cannot submit the application for leave of absence after June 1 of the first semester, and December 1 of the second semester.
  3. Students requesting to leave due to a medical condition(s) must attach a medical certificate from their doctors.


You must submit the application for leave of absence using the designated forms. Please download the designated forms by accessing the link below.


In principle, the application for leave of absence applies only to the specified semester. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the period of leave of absence may be extended after review and upon the approval of the GSAPS Steering Committee. The period of leave of absence cannot exceed two years for the MA Program and three years for the Ph.D Program.

Period of Enrollment

The period of leave of absence will not count towards the period of enrollment required for completion. In other words, your completion will be extended according to the period(s) of leave of absence.

School Fee during Leave of Absence

For students enrolled after AY2006 who are on leave of absence must pay school fees on time even though you are absent from school. The amount of the fees is 51,500 (Registration Fee and Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Accosiation Fee). The students who will take leave of absence in the first semester must pay the whole amount of the fees.

Spring Semester

Application Date 4/1→4/30 5/1→5/31 6/1→9/20
School fees 51,500JPY Designated Fees Leave of Absence for Spring Semester Not Approved

Fall Semester

Application Date 9/21→10/31 11/1→11/30 12/1→3/31 next year
School fees 51,500JPY Designated Fees Leave of Absence for Fall Semester Not Approved

Study Abroad

Those who wish to study abroad (except for language learning purpose) are required to submit “Application for Study Abroad” to the Office.

Period of Enrollment

As a rule, enrollment status for students participating in the CIE study abroad program and GSAPS study abroad program is recognized as “Studying Abroad (Registered)” and the period of study abroad is counted towards the period of enrollment required for completion (Revised on April 18, 2016).

School Fee during Study Abroad

Those who participate in the CIE study abroad program and GSAPS study abroad program are required to pay full tuition and the fees. In the case of privately fincenced study abroad, students are required to pay 51,500 yen per semester. However, if they wish to transfer credits obtained during study abroad, it may be required to pay credit transfer fee. Contact the Office for details.

Returning to GSAPS from leave of absence/ study abroad

If you wish to return to school after a leave of absence/study abroad, you are required to complete the followings.

Please submit the application for return to school to the GSAPS Office two months before you resume your studies back to GSAPS after your leave of absence or from studying abroad.

For returning students, you must submit the application before the start of the semester. If the GSAPS Office receives no official notification of extension or application of withdrawal, your enrollment will be reinstated.

In returning to Japan from study abroad, please submit “Notification of Return to Japan” in addition to “Application for Return to School”.


You must submit the Application for Return to School/ Notification of Return to Japan using the designated form. Please download the designated form by accessing the link below.

Date of returning

The date(s) of returning are as follows:

April 1 – September 20 (Leave of Absence/ Studying Abroad) September 21
September 21 – March 31 of the following year (Leave of Absence) April 1

Request for Studying Abroad

When you wish to request for studying abroad, Please contact GSAPS Office in advance.


Voluntary Withdrawal

  • Students are allowed to voluntarily withdraw upon receiving permission from the Academic Affairs Committee. At the time of asking for permission to withdraw, students should submit a “Application for Withdrawal”(with signature or seal) and return their student ID card.
  • In the case of withdrawal during the middle of a semester, school tuition and other fees must be fully paid for that semester. (See below.)
Date of application Spring Semester Fall Semester
April 1 – 14 April 15 – September 20 September 21 – 30 October 1- March 31
Date of withdrawal March 31 (previous AY) Date of application or September 20 September 20 Date of application or March 31
Tuition payment(1) No payment Payment required No payment Payment required

(1)Includes tuition and other fees.
For students who withdraw during the semester they enter the school, payment was completed upon entering.

Administrative Withdrawal

Under the conditions below, following an academic hearing, a student will be required to withdraw.

  1. The number of years allotted to earn a degree has expired.
  2. Completing the Doctoral Program except for submission of dissertation (for Doctoral Program students)
  3. Tuition and other required fees have not been paid.

Students who have not paid tuition and other fees will automatically be required to withdraw according to the chart below. Their date of withdrawal will be shown as the last day of the semester for which they paid tuition and fees. Registered credits and grades taken during the period where tuition was not paid will be registered as invalid.

Date of Automatic Removal from the University Registration Date Considered to have Withdrawn
Without Submission of Application for Delayed Payment With Submission of Application for Delayed Payment
Spring Semester Unpaid September 20 January10 March 31 of Previous AY
Fall Semester Unpaid March 31 July 1 of Following AY September 20

Disciplinary Withdrawal

Students who have committed an infraction of Universitiy’s rules, or have acted in a way that is contrary to what is expected of them as Waseda students, may be dismissed from the University as a disciplinary measure.

  • GSAPS_Career Path Survey *Those who withdraw from the Doctoral Program must submit Alumni Career Path Survey.
    Click here to report on MyWaseda


Depending on the reason for their withdrawal from the University, students may be granted permission for readmission (see the Permission for Readmission chart below). Only students who, after consideration, are deemed to have the ability to continue their study at the University successfully will be readmitted.

Type of Withdrawal Permission for Readmission
Voluntary Withdrawal May be allowed
Administrative Withdrawal The number of years allottedto earn a degree has expired. Not allowed
Completing the Doctoral Programexcept for submission of dissertation Not allowed
Tuition and other required feeshave not been paid. May be allowed
Disciplinary Withdrawal In principle, not allowed*Depending on the infraction, if, after 2 years from the date of dismissal, a student who has shown remarkable repentance and is determined to successfully complete the degree applies for readmission, the application may be approved in exceptional cases.

Permission for Readmission


  • Students cannot be readmitted in the semester following the semester they are listed as having withdrawn from.
  • If readmission is permitted, some students may have to retake some or all of the courses previously enrolled in.
  • No student will be granted permission for readmission more than once.

Time Period of Permission for Readmission

The time period in which a student is allowed to apply for readmission, including the academic year following the academic year in which they withdrew, is as follows:

  • Graduate School Master’s Program: 4 years
  • Graduate School Doctoral Program or Law School: 5 years

Procedures to Apply for Readmission

If one wishes to be re-admitted in the Spring semester, please submit the application for re-admission by the last working day of December the year before.

For the re-admission in the Fall semester, please submit the application for re-admission by the last working day of May to the GSAPS Office. For re-admission, applicants are requested to have an interview with the Associate Dean. After submitting the application, the GSAPS Office will schedule the interview. Please inform us your contact number/ email/ address which the Office can definitely reach you.


Student certificates, transcripts of records, the certificate of expected graduation and any other certificates will be issued by the automatic certificate machines that are located within Waseda campus.
Student ID card, Waseda-Net Portal ID and its password are required. Other certificate after the graduation will be issued by the Office.
The automatic certificate machines are situated at the following places:
(For graduates)

The issuable date for the Certificate of Expected Graduation for each semester

  • For the future graduates in March: June 1st
  • For the future graduates in September: November 1st

The automatic certificate machines on Waseda Campus

  • Bldg. No.7 Student Lounge (1F)
  • Bldg. No. 14 Open Space (1F lobby)
  • Bldg. No. 25 Okuma Garden House (1F lobby)


Certificate of Student Discounts

Automatic certificate machines on campus can issue student discount coupons.
The student needs to have Student ID card, Waseda-Net Portal ID and its password to use a machine.
The effective period is three months. The certificates can be issued 4 sheets per day and ten sheets per year.

Student Identification Card

The University issues Student Identification Card. Please carry it with you at all times, and be careful of damage or theft. Please take note of the following details:

  1. The student I.D. is composed of a student identification card and a seal. The student I.D. card becomes valid when the seal is stuck on the reverse side of the student I.D. The student I.D. card is valid for one year, from April 1 to March 31 of the following year, as shown on the seal.
  2. The GSAPS Office issues seals at the end of the academic year, so please stick on the new seal once it is issued.
  3. If the student changes the state of his/her status during the student’s matriculation, please submit either Request or Report to the University. Please input the new address on Profile of Waseda Net-Portal, and also report to the Office. Otherwise, the office cannot contact a student regarding important matters such as scholarship and lost/found, and this may result in problems for the student.
  4. Present one color picture and a 2,000 yen fee for the re-issuing of the student I.D. card after loss at the GSAPS Office. If re-issuing of the I.D. card occurs more than twice during one academic year, a signature of guarantor is necessary.
  5. Please present the student I.D. card when taking tests, entering the library and student reading room, applying for various certificates, discounts, and commutation certificates and when being requested by university faculty and staff.
  6. Please return the student I.D. card to the GSAPS Office upon completion of or withdrawal from the University. On completion of the program, a degree is conferred upon the student upon return of the student I.D. card; therefore, please carry it with you until that date.

Student ID Number (FYI)

The student I.D. number is as follows;

a graduate school code (40 for Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies)
b the last two digits of the entrance year
c program code
R for M.A. Program in International Relations
S for PhD Program
d personal number
e check-digit (CD)
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