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Help page for current students

Academic Matters

You can change your project research after submitting your research plan and getting approval from the new faculty. The application can be made by the end of the second semester. Fill in the  designated application form , obtain signature from the new faculty and an academic adviser, and submit it to the GSAPS Office.
There are two academic advisers, but you need signature from one of them. However, if the project research faculty is an academic adviser, you need to ask the other academic adviser.

The MA theses are available on the dedicated computer in the GSAPS Library (8th floor, Building NO.19).
The PhD theses are available on Waseda University Repository .

There is a tutorial Japanese learning service offered by the GSAPS, where you pair up with a GSAPS student who can teach Japanese. Ask the GSAPS Office for more details.
Also, the Center for Japanese Language offers a variety of Japanese language courses from the beginners level. Click here for more details on such courses.

Class/Term Paper/Grade

Class cancellation is notified through MyWaseda and on the bulletin board outside the GSAPS Office.
Makeup class information is available only on the bulletin board outside the GSAPS Office.
*Check with your supervisor about project research cancellation.

The updated grade is available on and after the grade announcement on MyWaseda.

When instructed to submit a term paper to the Office term paper box, it is located in the GSAPS Office.
Be aware that the deadline is at 17:00 sharp of the designated day (the office closing time).

When instructed to make a copy of textbook for the class, it is available at the Faculty room (room 707, Bldg. 19)

Scholarship/Tuition and Fees

  • In order to be considered for any scholarships from Waseda University and External Scholarships with University Recommendation, students have to complete the Scholarship Registration first (Upon entrance and every April).
  • You can apply for the Open External Scholarships without completing the Scholarship Registration.
    Students directly apply to each organization/Scholarship division of Waseda University based on the information posted on the bulletin board in front of the GSAPS Office.
    Please click here for more information.

Yes, you can still use it thought your payment slip is out of the date.
The staff in the bank might confirm you about it, but there is no problem.
(There is a case that the staff in the bank call GSAPS Office to confirm.)

Please click here for information about the tuition and fees for extended student.

The GSAPS Office will send you the payment link if you want to pay your tuition by credit card, so please contact us.
Please note that transaction fees will cost.

There is a certain procedure you will need to follow, so please come to the GSAPS Office to pick up the application form.

Please click here to check the payment schedule.

Deadline of the tuition payment:

Bank Transfer

Please check the notification letter which will be sent prior to bank transfer for details on  the exact deduction date.

Paying by Payment Slip

Please complete the payment by the due date on the payment slip.

Final Deadline

  • Spring Semester: September 20th
  • Fall Semester:      March 31st


If you are a degree-seeing regular student, there is  a medical fee expense support from Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association and annually up to 60,000 (JPY) will be covered. Check the detail here.

Please consult with Health Support Center. There is a Mental health counseling meeting with psychiatrist as well.


Current students are able to issue certificates by the automatic certificate machines that are located within Waseda campus.
You will be required your student ID card and MyWaseda pass word.

The automatic certificate machines on Waseda Campus:
Bldg. 7 Student lounge (1F), Bldg. 14 Open Space (1F lobby), Bldg. 25 Okuma Garden House (1F lobby)
Please check the website for further information.

For March graduates: June 1st of previous graduation year
For September graduates: November 1st of previous graduation year

Changes in Registered Information

If you wish to change your katakana name, please inform GSAPS Office your new katakana name.

Please update your information on MyWaseda when you changed your address or phone number
because university will send you important documents such as the tuition payment slip,
or we might contact you by phone when it is emergency.
So please make sure to update your information on MyWaseda.

Please click here for the procedure.

Please fill out the form and submit it to the GSAPS Office.
You can download the form from here.

Please fill out the form and submit it with the necessary documents.
You can download the form from here.


Visa status doesn’t matter to be a student at GSAPS. However, you may need to have a student visa on some occasions, e.g. some scholarship foundations offer scholarship to student visa holders only. Therefore, please take a full responsibility for your visa.  In addition, we only offer student visa and no support for any other visa.

We only support Waseda University students and DO NOT support for his/her family.

Extra-curricular Activities

You can find official clubs at Waseda University on the website (Japanese page).
In addition, the website helps you to find extracurricular activities.

Internship information can be found at Waseda University career center website.
Please also check our bulletin board (I/J) , Waseda email and MyWaseda notification.

You can find the information on the Waseda University career center website.
By meeting certain requirements, it is possible for internship to be transferred as credits towards completion.
Check here for more details.

Haraguchi Memorial Asia Research Fund
―Research Field Trip Grant―

This grant is open to the regular graduate school students at Waseda University whose research theme is related to Southeast Asian Studies. The annual field trip grant is JPY250,000 (maximum) and it will aid maximum 15 students per year. For further information please kindly refer to the Guidelines.

Subsidies for Presenting a Thesis at an International Academic Conference

These subsidies are designed to cover part of the costs incurred by graduate school doctoral program students in releasing their research thesis at an international academic conference, symposium, or other meeting. Among such costs are (1) thesis registration fees and (2) overseas travel expenses.

Students eligible for subsidies

Graduate school doctoral program students (excluding research associates, students already receiving financial aid as Grant-in-Aid for JSPS fellows, and students taking a year’s leave of absence) are eligible for these subsidies. Students taking time off from school to study abroad are eligible for the subsidies as well.

International conferences covered by subsidies

These subsidies cover international academic conferences and symposiums sponsored by established academic societies with participants from at least two countries.

Amount of subsidies and number of times financial support can be received

  1. Thesis registration fees
    Up to JPY 55,000 will be provided to eligible students to finance part of the thesis registration fee for one international academic conference per year. The subsidies covers only expenses related to the student’s participation in the academic conference. Expenses incurred in participating in convivial parties are not to be covered by the subsidies.
  2. Travel expenses subsidy to present a thesis at an academic conference being held overseas
    Up to JPY 110,000 will be provided to eligible students to cover part of their travel expenses (mainly covers air fare) when they present their thesis at one international academic conference or symposium being held overseas once a year. If the air fare costs less than JPY 110,000, accommodation cost is also eligible for subsidies.


Please access the URL below.

Subsidies for Miscellaneous Costs Related to Research Activities

These subsidies are intended to cover part of the costs incurred by doctoral program students related to research activities, including photocopying documents necessary for research, academic society participation fees and annual membership fees, and fees for the submission of research papers.

Students eligible for subsidies

Graduate school doctoral program students (excluding research associates, students who are receiving funds from JSPS Research Fellowships for Young Scientists DC program, and students taking a year off from school) are eligible for these subsidies.

Eligible items for subsidies

Please choose one from the following four items:
Cost of photocopying (a copy card will be supplied), academic society meeting participation fee, academic society annual membership fee, fee for submission of a research paper.

Amount of subsidies

Eligible students can receive JPY 5,000 per year.
Even if the amount applied for is less than 5,000 yen, one student may only apply once a year.


Please access the URL below.

You can order it at MD corner(Japanese website only) that are located in Bldg.9 and Bldg.14 on Waseda Campus.
For your information, if you wish to use Waseda university/ GSAPS logos, you need to get permission.

Facilities and Service

Please submit the application form  to the GSAPS Office.
We only accept on the spot booking request from students for the day.  If you wish to book for the future date, please obtain a signature from one of   the GSAPS faculty.  Please note that classes, events, and application from faculties are prioritized.

Room 707 (faculty room) on the 7th floor in the Building No. 19

Room 707 (faculty room) on the 7th floor in the Building No. 19

Items lacking owner identification that are found in the Bldg. 19 are kept in the building management room (1F) or the GSAPS Office (7F).
After 3 months, they will be disposed of.

There are scanners/photocopy machines/printers in the GSAPS Library, and photocopy machines in the common room (8th floor).
Please purchase a copy card to use the photocopy machines. The vending machines for the cards are located in the common room.
To use the printers, prepare paper by yourself. (Available at the CO-OP)

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