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講演会「Speech varieties and L2 listening assessments」7/4

  • 講師:Gary Ockey  ゲアリー オッキー氏(アイオワ州立大学 教授)
  • 日時:2019/7/4(木) 16:30-18:00
  • 会場:早稲田大学 16号館 401教室
  • 対象:学生・教職員・一般
  • 参加方法:入場無料・直接会場 へ
  • 問合せ:澤木泰代研究室


As it becomes increasingly common to encounter English speakers with diverse speech varieties, second language listening assessments that only assess one speech variety of English have become less defensible. However, using speakers with diverse speech varieties may threaten test fairness because test takers’ listening could be affected by familiarity with a particular speech variety. In an attempt to find a solution to this problem, a two stage study was carried out. In stage 1, an instrument was developed that could be used to measure a speaker’s strength of accent, and in stage 2, an attempt was made to use the instrument to select speakers with speech varieties that were fair for all listeners. In Stage 1 of the study, a Many-Facet Rasch Measurement analysis, which included 20 English speakers and 100 English listeners, was used to indicate the reliability of a strength of accent scale and how it was used by native and non-native users of English. In Stage 2 of the study, the strength of accent scale was used to select nine speakers for a large-scale (N = 21,726) study. ANOVA was used to identify a threshold accent strength that could be used to guide selection of listening assessment speakers for a high stakes language assessment (TOEFL iBT).


Ockey, G. J., & Wagner, E. (2018). An overview of the issue of using different types of speech varieties as listening inputs in L2 listening assessment. In Ockey, G. J., & Wagner, E. Assessing L2 listening: Moving towards authenticity. John Benjamins.)


Gary J. Ockey is a professor at Iowa State University, where he teaches graduate courses in second language assessment and quantitative research methodology. He researches second language assessment of listening and speaking. His most recent book (co-authored with Elvis Wagner) is “Assessing L2 listening: Moving toward authenticity” published by John Benjamins in 2018.



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早稲田大学 16号館401教室


Fri, 07 Jun 2019

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