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【プログラム】 Summer School in Political Analysis (SSPA) from the Australian National University

【対象】 政治学研究科、経済学研究科の大学院生(博士課程優先、博士課程進学を予定している院生も可)、または同研究科への進学が決定している学部生

【期間】 2021年2月1日~18日(日程はコースによる)

【コース】 基礎(2コース、6日間)上級(7コース、4日間) ※詳細は下記リンク参照

【申込み】 下記申請書をSGU事務局にメールで送付([email protected])

【締め切り】 12月3日(木)23:59  ※期日厳守


We are pleased to announce that financial support will be available for taking a course at the fully online Summer School in Political Analysis (SSPA) in February 2021 from the Australian National University. We will support a full tuition fee for one course per student, and the recipients will be selected on a competitive basis because of our limited budget.

The application deadline is December 3 (THU) 23:59.

While any graduate students in the Graduate School of Political Science or the Graduate School of Economics at Waseda are eligible, priority will be given to Ph.D. students and master students who continue to the Ph.D. program. 4th-year (or higher) SPSE undergraduate students are also eligible to apply, but the eligibility is limited to those who are scheduled to go to the Graduate School of Political Science or the Graduate School of Economics at Waseda. Note that even if you are in the prioritized group, the support will not be guaranteed depending on the number of applications.

We will notify the results by December 8. Once you are selected for the support, you will be asked to register for the course by yourself and pay the tuition using your credit card. We will reimburse you at a later date after receiving your course completion certificate AND the receipt to be issued by ANU, but please note that it may take a few months before you get reimbursed.

To apply for the financial support, you must submit the application form below by mailing it to: [email protected]

Application Form for the Financial Support for SSPA ANU 2021

You will be asked to enter the name of your adviser/supervisor if you are undergraduate or master students.

The application deadline is December 3 (THU) 23:59 and no late submission is accepted under any circumstances.


Contact Information:
Waseda University, Center for Positive/Empirical Analysis of Political Economy
Top Global University project
E-mail: [email protected]

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